Pro Foosball Tables Should Conform to Quality Standards

In Pro Foosball players compete against each other for prize money , so the quality of the table has to conform to the standards of the sports body. Most people play foosball at home or in office for fun, there is no money involved, so the quality of the table is not very important. On the other hand, in professional or Pro foosball tournaments, the prize money is substantial in some cases, and a large number of tables are used. To ensure that no player has an unfair advantage, all tables should be of the same quality and conform to the quality guidelines for tables.

World Championship

The World championship is supposed to be the top tournament for Pro Foosball players worldwide. Only the best quality foosball tables are used for these world championships. The top Foosball brands for pro tables worldwide are Leonhart, Garlando and Bonzini, and Tornado is the most popular pro table manufacturer in the United States. Recognizing the fact that most players are familiar with only one type of table, there are three different world singles championship for each of European brand tables. Tornado has it own world championship in the United States.


Compared to conventional tables, a Pro Foosball table is made of quality material and is also more expensive. The table conforms to the foosball association standards and the logo is usually mentioned on the table. Since a lot of force is applied while playing shots, the table is heavy so that it does not move when force is applied with solid quality legs. The table also has levellers which can be used to ensure that the playing surface is perfectly flat, all players have a level playing field. The rods of the table are often made from solid steel, since it is easier to control the solid rods compared to other rods.

Players of Pro Foosball

Another feature which a table used for Pro Foosball should have is well designed players, who can be used for playing complicated shots. The players are usually made from plastic. The feet of the players are broad, so that can easily intercept the ball and play difficult shots, control the ball better and also pass it to the other players in the team. The players should be counterbalanced with the weight of the head of these men, the same as the toes, so that they remain in the same position after a shot is played. This also helps in increasing the force of shots to some extent.

Other Design Features

A Pro Foosball approved table also has other features which should conform to the foosball federation guidelines. The rods have bearings so that they can be moved easily, offer better control. The scoring system is located above the goals. The grip of the rods is ergonomic so that players are not feeling tired despite playing for a long time. Side ball returns are provided. The playfield is made from quality material which does not get damaged easily. The tables are inspected regularly to ensure that they are not warped or damaged during the professional tournament.

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