A Foosball Table with Glass Top and You

Increasingly buyers are interested in purchasing a Foosball Table with Glass Top for a number of reasons. Many people are interested in playing foosball, yet they have a limited amount of space indoors to place the table and play the game. In other cases, especially during spring and summer, they may wish to play the game outdoors, in the open to enjoy the weather. Also, playing foosball is popular entertainment for both children as well as adults at parties and similar events, which may be held outdoors and it is observed that most people prefer a table with a glass top if they are planning to use the table outdoors for even a small period of time.

Protection and Maintenance

One of the main reasons for purchasing a Foosball-Table with Glass-Top is that it will protect the players and the playing surface from the various debris like leaves, twigs, branches, bird droppings. Anything which is kept doors is likely to accumulate dust , dirt and other debris. Cleaning the foosball surface is very tedious, since there is less space between the rods and the players. Hence, increasingly many table buyers prefer a table with a glass top which can be wiped clean conveniently if there is dirt or debris like leaves accumulating on the flat glass surface.

Playing Convenience

Another reason why a Foosball Table-with-Glass-Top is preferred while playing outdoors, is that it will ensure that the position of the players will not change if it is very windy. The players are usually made from light plastic and their position could change if there is any kind of breeze. The players position will also change if anything is falling on the table and players from outside, due the wind, from the trees or other structures. The glass top ensures that the wind or breeze outside does not affect the game and nothing falls on the players. Even while playing indoors if a fan or blower is used, the players position will remain unaffected.

Design of the Table

While purchasing a Foosball Table with-Glass-Top it is important to check the design of the table and the glass material which is used for covering it. The mechanism by which the glass is fitted on the table top should be checked and there should a provision to remove the glass sheet on top easily, if players have to replaced due to damage. It is also important to ensure that high quality glass which will not quickly break is used for the glass top. The manufacturer will usually specify the quality of the glass which is used and the thickness, to the buyer interested in purchasing the table.


While most people prefer to use a Foosball-Table-with Glass-Top while playing foosball outdoors, they should be aware of the disadvantages. Though toughened glass may be used for greater strength, the glass may break if children climb on it. So it is important to keep the table away from small children. The glass may also develop cracks if it any heavy object falls on it from a height, or the table is overturned. Glass is also likely to be smudged due to fingerprints or develop scratches if a hard object is used on it. Hence, it may be necessary to replace the glass top of the table after a few years.

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