How the Foosball Table Telescopic Rods Help

Foosball tables are known for having those rods. This is of course how people are able to actually play the game. It is understandable that it is one of those features that stands out when it comes to picturing what a Foosball table is. Of course it is known that the Foosball rods are also poking out in a lot of the tables. But with the Foosball table telescoping rods, they actually are able to disappear into the cabinet and not poke out. This makes it a way safer option as there is no chance of having the rod move out in such a way that can hurt anyone.

How it Protects

The Foosball table telescoping rods is one of those innovative new options for Foosball tables that continues to improve on the original design and intent for Foosball tables. Since the rods are constantly moving in and out when a play session is going on, in a non-telescoping rod, the other end is poking in and out and can even interrupt play depending on how far the rod goes and how close the other player is. With a telescoping rod, there is not really a chance for someone to get hurt since it disappears into the cabinet. This is a great way to make sure that there is nothing interrupting the other player on the other side. It can even protect small children since they won’t be able to get their head hurt on the rod either. It is an understandable concern that some may have.

Models of a Foosball Table Telescopic Rods

When out there and in the market for a new Foosball table, keep in mind that there is always that option to get a table with these style of rods. It will always be a safer option. You may not care for it now, but once you see a Foosball table with these rods you may just change your mind on the telescopic rods. When you are on the other side of a Foosball table rod that goes in and out it is something that you are watching out for. You cannot get too close or else you may interrupt the game by not letting the other player push their rod all the way. It can block and disrupt the flow of game. So this is how a telescoping rod can really help with the flow of a Foosball game.

Other Safe Options

If the Foosball table telescopic rods are not really something you want to go for, then maybe you would consider a Foosball table rod guard. This is a safe guard that goes on the exposed metal of the rod that soften the end of it. Instead of having the exposed metal, there is usually put a soft plastic or rubber piece that won’t hurt as much as the other way would. Whatever you choice is, it should make the game of Foosball more enjoyable without having something to worry about.

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