What is in a Foosball Kit

When you order an entire Foosball table, you are ordering a table that is not assembled usually. We are here to tell you everything that you can get in the Foosball kit when you order it. There are usually little variances between manufacturers and brands that don’t always do things exactly the same, but that is to be expected. You have your usual parts which is the cabinet, the goals, the score tabs, the rods, and the Foosball players on the rods. All of these come separately put together in the box so that it is easier to transport and less costly than a fully assembled tall table. It just would not be practical.

The Cabinet

The cabinet in a Foosball kit is normally the biggest and most important piece of the entire package in terms of size and necessity. Without the cabinet, you can’t play Foosball or call it a table. This table is there for you to take up and assemble the legs onto it so that there is a place for the rods to go into and the play field. This cabinet is usually one solid piece as it makes for a better and more solid piece of equipment than having to put some boards together to make a cabinet. This is usually not ideal since it is possible that it can act a bit more fragile.

The Legs and Rods

Another part of the Foosball kit that goes right along with the cabinet of the table is the legs that hold the table up and the rods that hold the Foosball players and are the tools of the people playing Foosball. The legs are usually put onto the table before it is propped up because of gravity. Once the legs are in, then the cabinet can be flipped over. Again these are just the usual methods, it is always best to follow directly what the manufacturer’s instructions are on the assembly of the table. It is never a good idea to guess and try to figure out what to do when you have the directions available to you.

The Goals

Two important pieces to the Foosball table is the goals and where they go. These are the pieces that the people playing Foosball are going to want to aim that Foosball ball into. Just like soccer, the objective is to get the ball in the goal. Putting these goals on the ends of the tables provide a much needed and important part of the Foosball table. Around the same time of putting the goals there usually is attached a ball return system. This system can vary a lot between table manufacturer but the point is to return the Foosball ball comfortably to the players who are playing the game so that it can resume. You want to make sure that the Foosball table you buy is one with a good Foosball ball return system. This will save some frustrations with balls that do not come back.

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