How to Change up the Foosball Guys

When you want to get a new Foosball tables, you may wonder if you can change up what those Foosball guys on the table look like. We are here to tell you that this is indeed possible. What you are going to want to do is get them either custom made completely, or order them from a place that will let you choose different things when it comes to that. It can be that they will let you change the color, or the shape of them. It can be that you can ask the manufacturer to do something completely different, although that of course will cost you way more than getting one of the options that they offer, but it is worth knowing about.

Which Color Combos to Do for the Foosball Guys

When you want to change up the colors of the little Foosball people on the table, you want to ask yourself which colors will be easy to differentiate between so that they do not get lost in the heat of the game. You do not want to put colors that are matching the play field or the Foosball ball because this can like we said, get lost in the action. What you need to do is get yourself a few samples of what colors do not mix well together, or which colors clash, then determine what you want to do about that in regards to choosing your color. You see a lot of red and blue Foosball people on the tables since those are good opposing colors that will contrast easily enough with a green play field. This is the standard so you may want a different option.

Custom Shapes

The other different option you may want for your Foosball guys is changing up their overall shapes and appearance. When it comes to changing that up then you will be given a lot of choices. It is possible to change their head shapes. Maybe you decide you want to give them more of a face or no face at all. You can go with giving them a full jersey look or have a plain shape as your Foosball people. There are a lot of different possibilities when it comes to customizing this aspect of the Foosball table. Have fun with it.

The Cost of All This

The other part of the discussion of changing and customizing your Foosball guys is just how much it will cost to do so. This really varies between companies. A lot of what goes into the cost is production, and molding. If you have a completely unique piece that the manufacturer has to make from scratch, you can bet that they will charge a lot more than if they have the mold ready to go. This is all dependent on the customer and how much they are willing to spend to get themselves their Foosball table fully custom. Whatever the case may be, it can be a lot of fun.

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