How Much Comes with the 4 in One Foosball Table

When looking for a Foosball table you can see that there are many options out there for Foosball tables. One of the options and possibility of the Foosball table is the 4 in one Foosball table. This fun option can not only bring you the fun of Foosball but also the benefits of other games like Table Tennis, Air Hockey, or even something like Pool. It may sound crazy but these games do fit in there. All you have to do most of the time is switch out the top of the table and pop on the other games’ new tops.

Table Tennis on the Table

One of the options of the 4 in one Foosball table is the game of Table Tennis. This game is fun because it is essentially a mini version of Tennis. You have the little pong balls and then you have the two paddles to be able to hit the pong ball back and forth. This is essentially the rules of Table Tennis. Anything that you can imagine for Tennis is probably a rule or a way to play in Table Tennis. This can be a great addition to the home so that different interests can be represented on the table and different people can enjoy it.

Air Hockey as Another Option for the 4 in One Foosball Table

The game of Air Hockey is another potential exciting addition to the home as you can expect. Air Hockey is usually a popular addition to the arcade so when it is included in your home you can believe that it can be a real fun addition. Air Hockey as well is essentially a mini version of Hockey but on a table. Each player gets a paddle that hovers over the table to hit the hovering puck into their opponent’s goal. Much like Foosball the point is to get the object into the other player’s goal by maybe taking some angle shots. Something that the opponent won’t see coming or would be hard to defend. This can be a great blend of fun and learning new strategies at home for bringing those tactics to the arcade.

Where to Get These Tables

If you have settled on getting a 4 in one Foosball table, then the next step will be to actually purchase said table. This style of Foosball tables are a popular and available version of the standard Foosball only tables. Most if not all the time you would have to get the tables online. Doing a search for this kind of Foosball table will yield the results that you are looking for especially with the different prices listed on there. This way you can look at the different prices and the different stores that are selling it and you can make a decision based off the different offerings that you get. Getting one of these combination tables can really give you a lot of length since there are different game options.

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