How the Wooden Foosball Table Can Look Great and Be Fun

Today’s generation is completely changed, in earlier times the children’s used to go outside for playing. But nowadays everyone suggests playing inside the home only, no matter you play on your pc, laptop, phone or by any other means. Today we are going to talk about such an indoor game, which is a foosball table or table soccer. This game is also called wooden foosball table because the material of which it is made is wood. Let us discuss more this different but a fun game.

About the Game of Foosball

The wooden foosball table is a type of indoor table-top game that is mostly based on football. This game too has the same phenomenon as football of putting the ball into opponents goal but in this case not with legs but with the use of control knobs.
With the help of these knobs, you can move your player, and you have to put the ball in the opponent’s goal and to prevent the opponent from placing the ball in your goal.
This game has many other names such as table soccer, foosball, and kicker. It was invented in 1921. From single to double or teams up to four can play this game.

Rules of Foosball


Some of the regulations of wooden foosball that are made by the International Table Soccer Federation are-
• In the starting of the game, a coin flip decides who is going to serve the foosball.
• The team last scored, serves the next foosball.
• No spinning of the rod at a complete 360-degree angle without touching the ball.
• Never try to hit your rod with the wall of the foosball table.
• If the ball stops in the mid, then one should reserve the foosball.

There are many other rules for playing this wooden foosball game, and it has some vast variety of practices for a fair playing of this game.

Buying One-

If you are interested in purchasing a wooden foosball table then first have a look that of which size table you want, because this wooden foosball table comes in many different sizes.
The size of a standard wooden foosball table is about 120cm long and is 61cm wide. There is a total of eight rows on which foods men are mounted, which can be made up of plastic, metal, or anything else, depending on the quality and the price of the table.

Let us talk about the most important thing about how much it would cost to get a new wooden foosball table?

It can cost between $120 up to $450, depending upon the size of the table and its quality.

Great way to enjoy- The craze of the wooden foosball table game is taking new heights day by day. Many people are buying such game tables because no one wants to go out of their home and wants to enjoy and have some good time, being in their home only.

Nowadays, as summers are coming, and due to, children would not be able to go out for playing then, in that case, this is the best thing that their parents can offer their child. As this game is highly enjoyable, made up of good quality, which assures that it will be in a good state for many years and have many other liked features.

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