Warrior Table Soccer: A Brief Intro

Soccer is often referred to as the sport of the people and has an incredible following in many countries throughout the world. Warrior table soccer can produce the same kind of atmosphere within the room or hall where it is being played. There is a marked increase in the number of people playing the game. Today there are even professional players who earn their money playing foosball. You can also enjoy this great game, either as a professional or casual player.

So What is Foosball?

When I look at foosball, I am immediately filled with great excitement and am sure that once you start, you will experience the same emotions. Warrior table soccer is usually played by 2 or 4 people at a time. As with traditional soccer, the objective is to get the ball behind the keeper and into the goal of the opposition. The main difference is that you have for rods to control your soccer players. A rod for the keeper, one for the defense, one for the midfield and one for the strikers.

Controlling the Objects on the Table

Once the ball enters the playing surface, the first player to control the ball has the advantage. You can use the rods in two ways while playing on warrior table soccer. It is possible to move your soccer players back and forth across the table using the in and out motion of the rods. If you need to strike the ball, it is possible to get some back lift using the rotation ability of the rods as they are passing through a metal ball bearing. These to motions, therefore, allows you both lateral movement across the table rotational movement to strike the ball. All of this is so much fun and can take place at an extremely fast pace.

Playing a Game of Foosball

This is where all the fun and action really starts. When starting a game of warrior table soccer, you can decide the length of each playing period and the number of physical players participating on each team. Changing team players with ease is possible. If you play with 2 players on each side at a time, each player has control of two rods. For one player per team, you need to control all four rods. To play this game, you need to have speedy reaction time and have the skill to move the players on the board to intercept strikes from the opposition.

Foosball is a great fun game that brings lots of laughter and excitement to any games room. Many people even have a warrior soccer table at their home. It is an excellent way of getting people together and letting everyone into the action. The good thing is that it is easy to get a game started. Come and enjoy the fun of the game and test your skill and reaction time with a game of foosball. You will be amazed at how exciting the experience can be.

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