How to find a Used Foosball Table for Sale

Many families have a limited budget so they are looking for a Used Foosball Table for Sale. These families are interested in purchasing a table for their children, to keep them busy, so the condition of the table is a not very important to them. They are only interested in a foosball table in a reasonably good condition, at the lowest price possible. While it is easy to find new foosball tables online, or in retail stores, more effort will be required to find an used table at a reasonable price. The buyer will have to spend some time doing research to get the best possible deal.

Sports Stores

The local sports goods store may be having a Used-Foosball Table for-Sale. Many business, offices and families may be upgrading or replacing their existing foosball table, so they may ask the local sports store to take away their existing table, and give them a discount on the price of the new table. The advantage of purchasing the table locally, is that the buyer can personally inspect the table, and negotiate the price of the table based on the condition of the table.The buyer can also play on the table. However, the prices of the used table using this method will be higher.


The table buyer can advertise his requirement so that those who have a Used Foosball Table-for-Sale can contact him with their offer. This is a better option, since the buyer will have to spend less time, searching and reading all the used tables available for sale. In his advertisement, the buyer can specify the type of tables he is interested in purchasing, how much he is willing to pay, his location and other terms and conditions. This will ensure that only qualified buyers contact. There are many classified websites, where the buyer can post his requirement. He can also use outdoor advertising and other methods to get a better response.

Online Sources for Used Foosball Table for Sale

Most sellers who have a Used-Foosball Table-for-Sale will post their offer online, since this is the easiest and cheapest method for advertising the table available. Hence the buyer should use search engines, online classifieds, and other sources to find sellers for the tables. He should focus on sellers in the area where he is living, since the shipping costs are fairly high. Another advantage of using local sellers, is that the table can be inspected and tested easily, before finalizing the order. The buyer can carry the table purchased in his own vehicle, saving money on shipping.


Each of the methods described above for finding a Used-Foosball Table-for Sale have their advantages and disadvantages. While purchasing the table from a sports good dealer may be slightly more expensive, it possible to get spares, repairs done, and also free advice since the dealer has handled a large number of tables. Directly purchasing the table from the seller may be cheaper for the buyer, however, the buyer cannot expect any kind of customer support. For online listings only a few photos are provided, so it is better to inspect the foosball table, if the price for the used table is higher.

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