Top 5 Reasons to Get a Tornado Whirlwind Foosball Table

If you plan to get an entry-level foosball table with high quality, the Tornado Whirlwind foosball table is the one you can opt for at the top of the list. The great design of the foosball table brings you a smooth, fast and great playing experience with accuracy. If you want to learn or start to learn to play foosball, the Tornado Whirlwind is an ideal choice. Though it doesn’t have features available on most high-end foosball tables, it has all the features of a standard foosball table for playing and practice. It has many revolutionary features and benefits described in detail below. When you start enjoying the Foosball game, you will play for hours together. The longest foosball game lasted for more than 61 hours.

1. Solid Structure With Light Weight

The Tornado Whirlwind foosball table is light in weight and weighs about 194 pounds (88 Kgs) making it easier for you to move the table around to suit your comfortable position and location.

Its solid legs fix on the ground to give you stability without moving when you play an aggressive game.

2. Durable And Scratch Resistant

The play surface and the surrounding boards of Tornado Whirlwind foosball tables have durable and scratch-resistant materials. This surface makes your foosball table durable and resistant during prolonged play.

The melamine play surface with precision markings on it gives you a look and feel of playing in a live field. The surrounding boards with 1-inch thick oak wood withstand scratches that can occur during aggressive play.

3. Smooth And Controlled Play

The Tornado Whirlwind foosball table boasts of high-quality steel rods with friction grip handles. These rods mounted on revolutionary bearings gives you an unbelievable smooth movement. The handle and smoothness of rod adds a firm grip on the ball and gives you an ability for accurate and controlled strokes to play.

The foosball men attached to the steel rods have ridged toe and feet design. This ridged toe and feet design helps you to get a firm grip of the ball for your desired strokes. Moreover, the rods have bumpers fixed to ends ensures that field men don’t hit the board when you move the rod sideways.

4. Precision Designed Urethane Balls

The Urethane balls of the Tornado Whirlwind foosball table have enhanced friction on contact. This contact friction helps you to move the ball without skidding on the surface. Note that a controlled ball movement without skidding makes the game more realistic and fun to play.

5. Challenging And Fun

The Tornado Whirlwind foosball table has a 3-man goalie fixed near goal posts. The 3-man goalie reduces the chances fo hitting an easy goal which ensures you enjoy an exciting and challenging game. Moreover, it has a ball-return section at both ends of the table. It rolls the ball to your end which relieves you to pick them up. It saves your time and gets you focussed on the game when practicing the game for yourself.

The exciting and fun features of the Tornado Whirlwind foosball table is ideal for starters, self-players, juniors aspiring to get into this foosball game and for experts as well. You can install them at home, offices and recreational clubs but not suitable for commercial use.

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