Introduction To Tornado Foosball Tables

Tornado foosball table designs are designed for competitive foosball players, which has a lot of foosball fanatics in North America. Foosball tables replicate the regular field soccer where the users would use handles to drive the ball towards the opponent’s goal post. The table is designed containing all the features found on a football pitch. The players can change the offensive and defensive play to suit their particular preferences. The Tornado foosball table manufacturer saw this demand for foosball tables in the year 1976 and began processing foosball tables for foosball fanatics in all over the world offering quality types of table designs for both the home and commercial vending environment.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

This Tornado foosball table is designed to eradicate all the challenges that arise from the different sports table. The table has features that allow players to route all balls after scoring to the middle to ensure natural kickoffs and counterbalances all the field players. The design of the table also comes with wooden handles which are different from other models. It is one of its kind to have in build leg levelers which are essential in ensuring the table can be set up in different locations. It is a good upgrade if you have the financial resources to acquire it so you can feel the sleek features.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table

The tornado elite foosball table comes second after the tornado’s classic design. This Tornado foosball table has some upgraded features that the classic table does not have. The table is 255 pounds less than its classic counterpart. It does not split into halves which explains why the reduction in some of its pounds. The design has a three players goalkeepers feature like its classic counterpart. The classic and elite foosball table have a lot of similarities. The critical difference is that the elite table has better materials used on it and has a double side ball return.

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table Model

This Tornado 3000 foosball table design is one of its kind in the company’s line of production. It is the preferred table for different foosball leagues in the world. Just like the other models, this Tornado foosball table features a reasonable counter number of players, leg levelers, and three goalkeepers. The table can be dismantled for maintenance and weighs around 355 pounds more than the average weight for the standard designs. A buyer can get it in three different colors red, black and silver. The table has a coin lock device which makes it suitable for use in lounges or bars. It’s a bit hardy than the other Tornado foosball tables in the market hence can last longer. The handles offer better grip which different designs lack.

Worthington Foosball Table

This Tornado foosball table is an upgraded version of both the classic and elite tables. It carries the majority of the features from these two table designs. The only difference it has from the two tables are the wooden insertions which make it look a bit different. The Worthington foosball table comes in dark maple wood and has good quality playing rods and leg levelers. The design seems like furniture which makes it better for home use.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

It is a rigid and durable table with a quality model which surpasses all the Tornado foosball table designs. It has a one-inch thick cabinet with a mahogany wood finish design. The table has levelers which make it adjustable to preferred heights. It has well-designed handles for improved gripping performances in the game. The foosball table has an end ball return design which is considered an ergonomic feature for the table. The balls are much better than the balls used for the other table designs and have a good game performance with more accurate shots. The table would need regular maintenance to make it work better and last for longer. It is a bit expensive to acquire this kind of models in the market, and any buyer would need to part with some reasonable amount of money to purchase one.

Finally, it is always wise to do proper research while buying a Tornado foosball table. Each table design has a unique feature which may please you. Some of the models speak of elegance and class while some models are created appropriately for a good game. A buyer’s financial budget would also matter which kind of table one can get from the market.

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