Tips for Playing on the Tornado Elite Foosball Table

The professional quality Tornado Elite Foosball Table is one of the most popular foosball tables which is used extensively in homes. Tornado is one of the most popular brands of manufacturers in the United States of foosball tables and has a reputation for selling high quality and durable tables. These tables can be used for many years without being damaged or getting warped despite being used extensively, so many buyers prefer to invest in Tornado tables. However it is necessary to use the right techniques while playing a game, and these tips are discussed below.

Professional Tornado Foosball Table Design

Before using the pro Tornado Elite Foosball Table, it is important to understand the design of the table properly, so that all the features are utilized. This table is considered to be one of the best foosball tables available in terms of design and quality. The heavy table has a cherry finish and remains stable despite a large amount of force being applied. The foot of the players are designed for best ball control and are cross-hatched. The steel rods have a unique thin-wall split bearing design for better passing and control. The table has a three-man goalie for defense, and dual ball returns.

Posture and Grip

While playing on a professional Tornado Elite Foosball Table, it is important that the player is comfortable since he will be standing for at least a few hours. To get the best view of the table, it is recommended that the player stands at an angle to the table. This allows the player to move quickly and the player can apply more power. The player should not have a tight grip on the rod handle, since this could become painful for the player, especially in close games. The player should only have a loose grip, reducing the strain on his hand. This also helps the player to add more power to his shots.

Control and Timing

To become a good player while playing on a professional quality table like the Tornado Elite Foosball Table, it is important the player practices regular and has good control over the ball. The player should be able to easily pass the ball from the one man on the rod to another man on the same rod and also between the men on different rods. If the player does not have control, it will be difficult to move the ball to the desired position. It is also necessary to time the game properly, deciding when to pass the ball from one player to another, or play the shots. This will also depend on the strategy of the opposing player.

Other Pro Foosball Tips

One of the important tips for winning a game on the professional Tornado Elite Foosball Table is that it is necessary to closely monitor the men of the other player, to check their position. If a gap is visible, the player can play shots and hit goals. So though most foosball players are usually monitoring the men in their team, it is also advisable to monitor the hands of the opposing player and decide on the moves accordingly. To gain time, the player can pin the ball with one of the men, so that he does not lose control. The forward players should be kept angled so that they can catch any ball easily.

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