How the Telescoping Foosball Table Can Help You

If you are looking for a Foosball table but are maybe concerned with the pushing out of the rods where the Foosball players are on, maybe consider getting a telescoping Foosball table. What this table can do for you is that the rods, when pushed in, do not actually go to the other side where your opponent is standing. What it does is that it actually collapses within the table so there’s no chance of hurting anyone. This is especially great if there are any small children around that you don’t want getting hurt. Rod guards help of course, but this is an even better added protection.

How Well Does it Protect

When thinking about how well does the telescoping Foosball table protect the people on the other side, you have to remember what it does differently than other tables. This makes the rod completely disappear. There is no chance of hitting anyone on the other side. So when asking how well does it protect, well the answer is, as well as having no chance of hitting someone on the other side. Consider what the alternatives are. Those are either having no protection on the other side of the rod, which doesn’t do much at all when it comes to protecting the people on the other side. The other option which does pretty decent on its own are the rod guards. These are caps placed on the rod ends that will also protect the people so that the exposed rod won’t hurt.

Are there Good Tables?

When searching for a good telescoping Foosball table, the tips to find a good one are just as much the same as when looking for any other Foosball table. Do your research when you find a table that you are interested in. How do the people like it? Is it a trusted brand? When getting a Foosball table, making sure you are satisfied with your purchase is of the most importance since it is quite an investment. With this kind of Foosball table too since its for a reason of securing the safety of other people, make sure that the manufacturers of this table make it of a high quality.

Foosball Table Potential

The telescoping Foosball table is a table with high potential to be a fun time wherever it is. Putting it in your home will have the family and friends on there wanting to play and make sure they beat whoever is the best one. If you decide you want to put it in a more public place such as a bar or a school or a rec center of some sort, then this can bring the people to want to play it too. Foosball has been around for a while now and it really does well to entice others to at least want to try it. It’s a game that involves strategy and skill and is accessible to many people who wants to enjoy it.

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