Table top Foosball tables are Affordable and Compact

Increasingly families interested in purchasing a Table Top Foosball table instead of a conventional foosball table for a number of reasons. Most conventional foosball tables are standalone units with legs. Hence they require some space in the home or business premises, even if they are not being used. Hence to avoid cluttering their home and office many foosball table buyers are opting for a table top table, which is compact. Though these tables cannot be used for foosball competitions, these are adequate for home entertainment and other recreational purposes.

Advantages of Foosball Tables

There are many advantages of purchasing a table top foosball compared to conventional foosball tables. Since these tables are smaller and do not have legs, they are usually cheaper than conventional tables. They also require less space when they are not being used, since they are compact. They can be easily stored in the attic or other storage area without occupying space. It is also easier to adjust the height of the tables depending on the players height, these tables only have to be placed on a table of suitable height. This makes these tables suitable for families with children, whose height increases rapidly.

Size of the Table

The size of a tablel varies depending on the company which is making the table. The height of table is less than a standard foosball table, since it does not have legs. The width and length of the tabletop version of a foosball table is also usually less than a typical table. Customers can purchase tables of different sizes depending on their budget and age of the players. Some companies are selling tables of length 36 to 40 inches, while other companies are selling even smaller tables of length 20 inches. Usually adults will find it easier to use larger tables.


The design of the foosball table depends to a great extent on the dimensions. While the standard tables for foosball are usually 55 inches in length, the table top foosball tables are usually only 40 inches in length or less. Hence the number of steel rods in each table is usually less, there are only six steel rods in each of the tables. For the smallest tables there are only four rows of steel rods, and the number of players is also less. These tables usually have rubber pads at the bottom corners, so that they do not mark the table or other surface on which the table is being placed. Other features are similar to the standard tables.

Assembly and Maintenance

Compared to the standard tables, less time is required to assembly a foosball table since the legs do not have to be attached. The foosball players have to be attached to the rods and the buyer has to follow the other assembly instructions provided. The table should be stored properly so that the foosball players are not damaged. When a foosball game is to be played, the table-top foosball-table should be placed on a flat table which is large enough. The table should be cleaned periodically, so that grime and dirt does not accumulate on the surface of the table.

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