How the Striker Foosball Table Provides Fun!

Foosball, or table soccer! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You can play football at home and on a table, at that! Imagine that! And of course, you wouldn’t have to run and sweat to beat your opponents; you could do it on a table with just ball control! No matter your level of expertise, this game is bound to be fun and provide you lots of entertainment on days you can’t actually go outside to play.

Well, for the new people there who are interested in foosball, of course you have watch Monica, Joey and Chandler play it on several episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And even if you haven’t watched the popular TV show, I am sure you have come across striker foosball tables in pubs and sports bars at least; and if you have not, then do allow me a moment to tell you what it is all about.

What it’s Made of

Striker foosball tables in this day and age are made of fibreboards and PVC and why not? They are lighter than their wood counterparts, are low maintenance and even lighter on your pockets. The mounted figures are made of carbon or other lightweight material like plastic or even wood. The bars are hollow. The Striker Foosball table is stylish and durable. It is generally about 4 feet long and two feet wide but variations exist. However, there are some luxury editions as well (read: 7 feet long table) which requires a team of 11 on each side. That would be some game, won’t it?

The Point of the Game

The goal of the game is simple. Like in the real game of football, all you have to do is put the ball into the opposing team’s goal post using mounted figures on rotating bars. So the game can be played in a team of not more than two. Each table contains 8 rows of mounted figures or foos-men, each row of goalkeeper, defender, midfield, and striker. Just like football. The teams have to manipulate the rods to control the figures and �kick’ the ball. Though the rules of the game vary from country to country and sometimes even between cities, there are some very basic rules. The game is played for 9 balls. So, which team reaches 5 goals first, wins. And spinning is considered illegal in most part of the world, that is, using the palm of your hands to rotate the bar is an illegal move. You should instead be only using wrist movements.

Some of the popular foosball table brands are Tornado, Garlando, Hathaway Primo, American Heritage to name a few. A great Striker foosball table has great sturdy legs for better support, dual manual sliding score system, inbuilt goal boxes, and good strong steel rods. Of course, let’s not forget the balls. Foosball tables require some investment and a bit of space. But in order to suit your needs, there are generally three different types of foosball tables. They are the standalone foosball table, the table top foosball table, and the multigame foosball table.

Striker foosball tables are sure to provide unlimited fun, laughter to you and your family. It has been popular since the last decade and shows promise of becoming a trend and who knows, one day you might play in the championship!

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