The Good Brand for You Tornado Storm Foosball Table

The Tornado Storm Foosball Table is one of the most popular models of foosball tables from Tornado. The original storm table was released some years ago, and many features in the table have been improved so that the players have better playing experience. This updated and improved foosball table is called Storm-ii. Depending on the budget of the buyer, they can opt for a second-hand Storm table, or purchase a new table with the latest features. All the models of the Storm table have some features in common, though there are some major differences in the original table and the latest version.


The original Storm Foosball-Table had a laminate finish in brown color while the latest table available has a grey marble finish. The original table had walls that were 1 inch thick, while the latest version of the table has walls that are 1.5 inches thick. Both the tables had solid wood legs for greater stability, which will not warp or split even if the table is used for longer periods of time. The table has levelers to ensure that the table surface is flat. The length of the table is 56 inches, the width is 30 inches, and the height is 36 inches, and the weight is approximately 225 pounds.


The Storm Foosball-Table is considered to be one of the better-designed foosball tables available since it has most of the features which players are looking for. The rods used are made from hollow steel so that the players can easily rotate or move them as required. These rods are chrome plated so that they can be used for a long period of time. Earlier the rods had handles made from rubber, now newer models of the table have wooden handles. The rods have snap-in bearings so that the rods can be moved smoothly while playing without applying any force. The scoring system is made from wood and is located at either end of the table.


One of the reasons why the Storm Foosball-Table is popular is because of the well-designed foosball players which are fitted on the rods. These players are counterbalanced so that they remain in place after a shot is played. These players have feet with a cross-hatched design, which helps in better ball control and can be used for playing more sophisticated shots like the snake shot. Like most other Tornado tables, the table has a three-man goalie. There is a provision for side ball returns. Textured tornado balls are used on the table. The playing surface of the table is laminated for better playing experience.

Price of Storm Foosball Table

Compared to many other foosball tables, the price of the Storm Foosball-Table is usually higher since high-quality material is used in the well-designed table. Since there are many improvements in the new models of the tables and the walls of the newer models are thicker, the price of the latest version of the Storm table is a few hundred dollars more than the original version. Most of the new tables are priced at more than $600 each, though used tables may be cheaper. Since Tornado is highly rated for its foosball tables, it is usually worth investing in these tables, since they can be sold at a profit after a few decades.

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