What the Standard Foosball Table Is

When you’re looking to buy a Foosball table, it is common to think about what is the standard Foosball table. We’re here to tell you everything you can expect from a Foosball table. The Foosball table doesn’t vary too much with it’s most basic function. You have the rods with the Foosball players on there, then you have the two goals, and you have a soccer play field. Everything else can vary depending on the manufacturer and brand of the Foosball table. When getting a table there are a couple of things that may differ from the standard stuff.

The Cabinet Itself

What sometimes varies from the standard Foosball table look is the cabinet, or what the play field and Foosball player rods are on. The cabinets usually are square with legs under the cabinet itself. Depending on the different manufacturers, it’s possible that the cabinet can vary. There are different colors and different materials that a brand can make a cabinet of. They can vary between some cheaper woods such as MDF or a stronger wood. Then there’s the shape of the cabinet which can go from a basic square to maybe a more sleeker and rounded out cabinet.

The Legs

A standard Foosball table legs are usually found underneath the cabinet. Usually they are four on each corner for optimal stability. They can be made of different materials too just as the cabinet can. It’s possible that they can be different than the cabinet itself too. The shape of the legs can vary too. At times they are mostly rectangular shape going from the cabinet to the floor. But there are certain manufacturers that design them a bit differently. A common different shape is a cylindrical leg that can change up the design and look of the Foosball table. This is one of those things that can really separate a table from the rest of the pack.

Foosball Players

When thinking about Foosball tables, the biggest and most noticeable things about them are the little Foosball players on the rods. On a standard Foosball table, these players are organized by different number rods such as the five rod, the three rod and the goalie rod. This is essentially shared throughout all the tables since this is keeping it in line with how the Foosball game is played. Changing this up will essentially change up the way the game is played and many people may not like that. The color and design of the Foosball players can and mostly does vary between brand. The color of the players are what mostly changes, many times you’ll see them a bright color such as red or white and a darker one like a blue or black. This is to help the contrast between the two different teams. When seeking a Foosball table, it is always best to keep in mind the things that are always going to look the same but see where the differences are and pick the Foosball table for you.

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