Sportcraft Foosball Table

Are you a fan of soccer and you like to play the game, but don’t really like the running which comes with it, then Sportcraft foosball table is just the thing for you. Table soccer or commonly known as foosball table is a tabletop game, which is based on football where you use the control knobs to move the ball in the opponent’s goal. Sportcraft foosball table comes in various sizes, giving you the option to choose from the vast range which fits you better. Table foosball is already very popular in the US, Canada, and many other western nations but it is also getting increasingly popular among nations such as China, Taiwan, and other Asian nations. There is also a world cup held by the International Table Soccer Federation [ITSF] with 22 players, 11 in each team where a lot of nations participate.

Simple Rules

The rules involving the Sportcraft foosball table is pretty simple. The table contains 8 rows of players or foos men, one row each of goalkeeper, defence, midfiel, and attack. You can only use your wrists to turn the knobs, doing it with your palms is not allowed. Spinning and jarring movements are also not allowed, you can keep the ball with you for only 8 seconds and after that, you need to pass it. A coin flip is used to decide who will serve the ball first in the game. The game is played for a time of 5 minutes, and you can win by making a set number of goals.

Running Your Brain

If you think you only need to work your brain in games like chess etc, then you are in for a surprise because Sportcraft table foosball will make you run your brain like none else. Table foosball is a game where you constantly need to run your wrists and brain in order to score a goal and it feels pretty good and refreshing while doing it and you also play the game while standing, constantly making the movement which is good for your body.


In today’s modern world, people spend way more time online compared to the real world, and because of that, they find it incredibly hard to socialize with other people. But playing Sportcraft foosball table, you won’t have much problem hitting it off with others, you can either play it 1 vs 1 or in teams of two, having a pretty good time while socializing with others.

Never Be Bored

When you are with your friends and you don’t have anything to do, and can’t help but feel bored, then don’t worry further with Sportcraft foosball table, the boring feeling won’t bother you. You can play it with your friends, whenever you feel like killing time is pretty hard.

Pretty Fun

Let’s be honest here, if a game isn’t fun and engaging, playing it will be a bother but believe me Sportcraft foosball table is incredibly fun and engaging at the same time. Once you start playing it, you’ll be completely involved in it and you will be having a fun time before you even know it. Foosball table can easily be found in pubs, bars and many other places including parties. The Sportcraft foosball table is the go-to game if you want to have a fun time whether be it your family, friends, or coworkers, don’t take my word for it play once and see for yourself.

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