A Rene Pierre Foosball Table for You

One of the reasons why businesses and families prefer to purchase a Rene Pierre Foosball Table is that it is a very reputed manufacturer of the high quality foosball tables. The company is named after its founder Rene Pierre , who started it in 1952 in Ranchot in France. The company was initially manufacturing foosball and billiards table using the latest technologies and machines for manufacturing quality furniture. The tables were extremely popular in the pubs and arcades, so the company expanded its facilities and built a factory in the town of Chalon-sur-Saone. Since then the foosball table products are sold worldwide.

Types of Tables

A buyer who wishes to purchase a Rene Pierre Foosball Table should be aware of the fact that the company manufactures different kinds of foosball tables based on the budget and requirement of the user. The cheapest tables are manufactured for home and leisure use, since they will not be used often. Many cafes and bistros have foosball tables for their customers, and these tables are more expensive. In some cases customers want coin operated machines, which allow customers to play a game a game after they insert a coin.For customers may want to keep their table outdoors, Rene Pierre tables are designed accordingly.


The material used for the Rene-Pierre Foosball-Table depends to a large extent on the application for which it is used. The cheapest tables are made from Melamine panel, since they will not be used very often. The tables which are used in cafes and bistros are made from solid beech wood and have large legs. This ensures that they are stable despite being used for a very long time. Some of the tables especially those for outdoor use have levellers for adjusting the height. The smartline is the most expensive foosball table, and it has reinforced legs and a sleek design, so it can be also used for decor.


The design of a Rene Pierre Foosball Table depends on the model number and price. However almost all the tables except the Foot model have hand painted metallic players. The Foot model is the cheapest model available, and it has plastic players. The metallic rods for most of the tables are telescopic, and have a sliding rod system, so that less maintenance is required. These tables which are used commercially also have a linoleum play mat with markings. These tables also have a point meter for counting the score. The tables for outdoor use are made from material which is weatherproof, and resists ultraviolet radiation.

Assembly, Accessories and Maintenance

Unlike most other foosball tables, a Rene-Pierre Foosball-Table will be supplied in a semi assembled form. The buyer will only have to fix the players on the rods to start playing on the table. Detailed instructions for assembling the foosball table are provided. Each table is supplied with two balls, and the buyer can purchase additional cork balls with 10 natural cork balls costing 15 Euro, and 10 white cork balls priced at 18 Euro.Ergonomic handles are supplied as default, and round handles are available at an additional cost. A plastic cover is available for the table for an additional amount of 59 Euro. Lubricant spray should be used regularly.

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