Welcome to the 2021 Foosball Survey!


Which categories best describe your interest in foosball?


What do you think is a good price point for a high-quality foosball table?


What are the main reasons you like to play foosball?


Are there any foosball table brands that make a high-quality foosball table that you would recommend?


Where do you usually go to play foosball?


If there was a local Foosball Club in your area, would you be interested in participating?


If you play in foosball tournaments, how do you think the tournament format, schedule or other things could be improved?


If a new foosball table was introduced, what color do you think the playfield should be?


What specific table characteristics need to be changed to improve the overall playing performance of the foosball tables you have played on?


What are the (2) most important factors to you when buying a foosball table?


We don't see as many kids these days playing foosball, so we would like to find out the average age of today's foosball players.


Do you have any suggestions on how to attract new people to the game of foosball and how to build a larger player base?

Thank you so much for participating in this Foosball Survey. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions just add them below.

Please also enter your name and email below so that we can personally answer any questions you have.  This way we can also keep you up to date once we have completed a summary of the survey responses so you can find out what your fellow foosball players had to say as well.