Where to Find a Professional Foosball Table for Sale

Many organizations are interested in holding a foosball tournament and would like to find one or more suitable Professional Foosball Table for Sale. In the last few decades, foosball has become increasingly popular in homes, schools, colleges, bars and recreational centers because it can be played indoors, and the equipment is fairly durable and inexpensive. Like most games, many of the better players wish to play the game competitively. They wish to use their skills, experience to win money and other prizes to get rewarded for their expertise in the game.

Professional Table

One of the reasons why organizations are looking for a Professional Foosball-Table for Sale, is that in any game which is played competitively, the rules should be same for all the players. It is important to have a level playing field, so that all the players have an equal opportunity of winning the game. Hence the organization who is conducting the foosball tournament will try to ensure that all the tables which are being used are of the same quality, design and size so that all the players are competing in the same conditions. Professional tables are designed for tournaments, to ensure that they conform to the guidelines of the regulatory sports body.


The regulatory bodies for Foosball will check the Professional-Foosball-Table for Sale and certify that it is suitable for Professional use. The foosball tables which conform to the regulatory norms for the quality and design will usually have a label certifying that they are of the required quality. These tables are of higher quality and will not get damaged easily. In Europe, Bonzini and Garlando are the major brands for professional tables which usually use cork balls. In the United States, Tornado and Warrior are the popular brands for foosball tables which are used professionally.


Many organizations will prefer to find a Professional Foosball Table-for-Sale. The advantage of doing so, is that they can inspect the tables being sold, before making a payment for these tables. Since these tables are large and heavy, the shipping costs for these tables are also higher, so it is cheaper to purchase the tables from a local supplier and save a significant amount of money on transportation. The local sports stores in larger cities will usually have some professional foosball tables for sale. Other retain chains, distributors and dealers may also have some tables available.


For people living in smaller towns and other remote areas, it is difficult to find a local supplier in the area, so it is better to look for a Professional-Foosball Table-for-Sale online. Compared to visiting several stores, to check the availability and prices of the professional tables, it is more convenient to purchase the tables online, since they can check the specifications and prices at a large number of websites. The prices online may also be cheaper in some cases, though shipping expenses are higher for some websites. Another disadvantage for online purchases is that there may be some damage during shipping, so they should ensure that the seller is using proper packaging for the table.

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