What Makes a Pro Foosball Table?

So, everyone is telling you to be more active, play some games, except video games. But you really do not want to leave the comfort of your house. Why get in the field and do such barbaric activity when you can play the same game from the comfort of your home? Again, we are not talking about video games. There is one game though, which will give you the pleasure, well almost the same pleasure, of playing soccer in the field. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about pro foosball table.

Foosball: Is It Really a Game

You are playing in a Pro Foosball Table and calling it a game, but is it really a game? People who are pushing you to go out might ask that. Answer them this Yes, Foosball is a form of the game. It is fulfilling the definition of word sport completely, it is an activity involving physical exertion and skills, here competitions is present where teams or individuals are competing against each other and it is for entertainment. Therefore it is a form of a game.

What Makes a Good Foosball Table

There are various criteria to select a good Pro Foosball table. Size, components, quality there are lots of variables here. For your reference, let us discuss some of the factors here. Keep in mind we are discussing pro foosball table only.


The size does matter for a pro foosball table. It has to be perfect for the venue it is keeping in. Most pro foosball tables are generally similar in size. If you are buying it for kids, then that is a different issue, otherwise, it is better to go for a pro table only.


Quality of pro foosball table is determined by the quality of ingredients used. The rods should be made of solid steel rods. Foosball playing man should be made of state of the art plastics like Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene. They should have wide feet for proper ball control. Handles should be made of hard plastics. The balls should be made of state of the art plastic materials. It should be hard and durable. The cabinet should be composite over solid wood or plastic. Composite fiberboard is of better quality than the other two.


The components particularly plastic components of the foosball table should be durable. The game is addictive and is played for a long period of time. The components of pro foosball table should withstand the normal wear and tear. The cabinet should be strong enough to survive the rough play during an intense game of foosball.

Surface: The surface of thel table should be level and laminated. It should be durable enough to withstand hard game playing. Depending on the model you are choosing, it could be one goalie or three goalie system and there could be faces of popular soccer players engraved in the playing men as well. However, these are secondary aspects, the primary aspects are discussed above.

Conclusion: So you have purchased a pro foosball table and have invited your friends for a game night. What are you waiting for then? let’s play.

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