Looking for Outdoor Foosball Table for Sale

At one time or another each of us has come across the wonderful invention of a Foosball table. Be it in an Arcade,at a Bar or even at your friends house. Few things in this world can compare to the adrenaline pump of a hyped game of Foosball on a warm,sunny day with some friends or family. So perhaps you are considering buying one as a nice addition to your outdoor entertainment ensemble. But where to start? Fret not for you have come to the right place as we will go over the very basics of what to look for when buying one when a listing for “Outdoor Foosball table for sale” pops up

First Factor: Stance

Most new players would be overly eager to jump right into the first affordable deal they can come across for an outdoor Foosball table for sale. But before any thing,make sure that the legs are in good condition and most of all level. If you are in doubt there is no need to bring your trusty bubble level with you. Just put a ball on the table and if it stays put. Then you know you’re good in the Foosball table balance department .

Second Factor: Mold

A common reason you would often find an outdoor Foosball table for sale would be one sole reason,they are literally falling apart. Obviously any sensible person would walk away from what is clearly a damp wood-heap at this point.Make sure that the playing field has no irregularities or swelling but also be sure to check the underside of the table for any similar defects lurking in the corners. This is very important because although you won’t get trouble now. The trapped moisture will quite literally destroy the table from inside out. This won’t be much of a problem in a relatively dry climate where the table has been stored under a patio. But caution is definitely advisable especially in more humid areas.

Third Factor: The Little Details Make a Difference

Did you know that different sized Foosball tables also have different sized Foosballs? It is quite a surprising discovery but when you think about it the space between the players varies depending on the size of the actual Foosball table. As a rule of thumb if you are buying a smaller table,also known as a “Junior table” you would want the size of the ball to be 31-32 Millimeters whereas the large standard Foosball tables use balls 34-35 Millimeters. While this isn’t necessarily a fatal detail it can definitely improve the player experience since the ball will be more proportional to the playing field and therefore tasks such as defense and goalkeeping will be more dynamic for both parties. Another thing to make sure is that all players are firmly attached to the rods as it is common on older Foosball tables to have issues with players sliding on the rods. Keep in mind it is tiny details like this that are leverage points for haggling the price down (even a bit) at yard sales where an outdoor Foosball table for sale would be up for grabs at a decent price.

Unless it’s Brand New, it Won’t be Perfect

We all can agree with the fact that unless you buy it brand new, it wont be perfect. If you are looking to open a business and need only the best for customer entertainment, buy one brand new. One of the large Foosball tables with twenty six players would be a fantastic addition to a new restaurant or pub you are opening. But otherwise,secondhand is the way to go as you will save a lot of money and none of your friends will really pay attention to the few dings or scuffs on your new Foosball table. If anything they will be more than thrilled that they have a new way to have fun at your house.

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