What the Official Foosball Balls are For

So there is always the question of what are the “official” of something is. Official basketball, or the official baseball, or the official of any sport is always asked about. We’re here to tell you about the official Foosball balls. What these are actually is most balls that are the size that are approved in tournament use. Foosball balls do not really vary much so it is not something that one could easily buy wrong. Of course you still want to make sure it is from a company that has been providing Foosball balls for a while. You don’t want to get stuck with counterfeit or really uneven balls. This will just make it hard for you to play.

What Type of Balls are There

There are a few types of official Foosball balls. They basically vary between their finish. What we mean by that is what the surface is made of. We have textured, cork, and smooth. The textured balls are usually the standard that is used. These are primarily used in the United States. It provides a nice blend between the other two Foosball ball types. The cork type is more of a European taste. It’s used more for a game that needs more thinking and maybe not so fast paced. Smooth balls are all over the place. These slide really easily making the game really wild and crazy.

Where to Buy Foosball Balls

Buying balls for Foosball especially official Foosball balls is actually not that difficult. You can just search online and there are plenty of retailers out there that are willing to help you find a Foosball ball that is suited for you and your Foosball needs. Like we said above, the traditional one that is used for games in the United States is the textured style. This is what people tend to play with mostly so if you’re looking to maybe set up some local tournaments, it may be better if you go with these textured ones as opposed to a cork ball. There are many good websites out there that provide a place for you to buy the Foosball balls that you need.

How Many to Get

For the amount of official Foosball balls to get is really up to you. You definitely do not want to get a low amount, this can slow down the game heavily when you’re always waiting for the ball to return after each goal. Many times the Foosball balls are sold in a set pack. They all vary so you just have to make the decision between how often you are playing and how intense could be another thing to consider. If you start losing Foosball balls, that can be a problem in of itself as well. So you always want to consider just exactly how you plan on using the Foosball balls when deciding how many you’re going to get. Get a pack of them if you have one table and see how it goes.

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