An Industrial Foosball Table, What to Use it For

Increasingly wealthy people are interested in purchasing an Industrial Foosball Table for their homes. This is because in addition to being a table for entertainment,these tables are well designed and rare, so they enhance the decor of a room. These tables are made in industrial style, from reclaimed wood and cast iron. Since these are handcrafted, only a few tables are available in industrial style. If these tables are well maintained their value will increase over a period of time, hence many people are interested in purchasing these tables.

Advantages of the Table

One of the main advantage of purchasing an Industrial Foosball-Table is that it is not mass produced in a factory. Hence only a limited number of tables are available, so the table has a resale value, making it an investment for the buyer. While most standard tables are made from plywood or MDF, the industrial tables are usually made from high quality wood like rosewood or mahogany. Many of the parts of the table are made from cast iron. While standard tables have a laminate surface, most of the industrial tables have the playing surface made from stone, which is more durable.

Construction of It

The construction of a Industrial Foosball-Table is usually far superior to that of a conventional foosball table which is made from plywood and MDF. Usually the legs are made from reclaimed hardwood or metal, making the table extremely sturdy and long lasting. The cabinet of the table is also usually made from reclaimed hardwood, which is durable and does not get damaged quickly even if it is used for a longer period of time. The thickness of the cabinet is also more than that of conventional tables. High quality metal rods are used for fixing the foosball players.


The main reason for the high price of a Industrial-Foosball Table compared to a conventional table is the design. Most of these tables are handcrafted to create a unique look for the table. The table top surface is usually made from stone compared to plastic laminate, so it is more durable. The players are usually made from metal or ABS, so the metal players are likely to last for a longer period of time. The metal players give the table a unique look. Additionally the handles of the metal rods are handcrafted from wood, making it easier for the use to play a game on the table for a long period of time.

Assembly and Maintenance

Detailed instructions are usually provided for the assembly of a Industrial Foosball-Table to the buyer. Most buyers are able to install these tables within a few hours. Since these tables are fairly expensive, some of the sellers will also offer additional services for maintenance. Buyers of these tables should be careful while using these tables since it will be more difficult to get replacement parts for any damaged or broken part compared to mass produced parts. Hence regular cleaning and maintenance of the table is recommended to remove any grime and dust, so that the table will last for a long time.

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