Human Foosball

Want to have a fun time with your family over weekends, and nothing really comes to mind, then you should give human foosball a go. Well, human foosball is a big version of table foosball, where you have real players and twice the fun. It started becoming popular in the 2000s and since then it is one of the game, people like to play with their friends and families in their leisure time.

Make, Buy or Rent

Human foosball court can easily be made with the help of an enclosed area, 8 poles, can be either PVC pipes or something else, sleeves which will fit over the poles allowing players to slide over the poles
holding it and goalie nets, all of them pretty easily available. If you are one of those who think making it is a hassle, you can buy an inflatable human foosball court and if you just want to play for a short time and doesn’t feel like spending money on an inflatable one, then you can rent it and the company
who gives it for rent will come and set it up for you, pretty convenient right.


Simple Rules


The rules for human foosball are pretty simple and easy to understand. There are no specific guidelines regarding the rules but the general ones are, you need to keep your hands all time on the sleeves on the poles, hanging on the poles is not allowed, dropping shoulders below pole level is also not allowed. You always need to have at least one leg in contact with the ground. The number of players can range from 10 to 18. The game is played in two halves of 10 minutes each with a 5-minute break.


Time with Friends & Families


Spending time with your loved ones is something one should never avoid, human foosball gives you a reason to do just that, you can play it over the weekend with your friends or families and have a leisure time. Unfortunately, there are no tournaments or competitions held for human foosball, but you can always have one of your own. You can gather all your friends, families, coworkers etc and play a tournament or competition which will be pretty fun to do once a while.


Just For Fun

Human foosball is a game which is just meant for fun, have a pretty good time and kicking the ball. Any game which is no fun is not enjoyable and pretty much will be a drag to play, but this isn’t one of them. Happiness and fun are the two things which come with playing. Whether be it birthday parties, outing with your family, or something else, if you want to have a fun time, human foosball is the game which perfectly fits the bill.


It is really necessary to go out and play every once a while, but not everyone prefers games like football, baseball etc. Some people like the easy laid back games and for those people human foosball is perfect. You don’t have to do any running, but at the same time it is pretty fun as you have to constantly move your legs, coupled with your friends, families or coworkers, you can bet on having a great time.

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