How the Human Foosball Game Works

If you are interested in a different twist to Foosball then we are here to tell you about the human Foosball game. This different take on the game of Foosball is exactly how it sounds. No, it doesn’t mean just Soccer, although that can be considered that term as well. What we mean is the way Foosball would be played with the players lined on a rod and controlling a specific area. That is what this human version of Foosball is. It is a fun take on using the same tactics you would expect on a table, but with actual people as opposed to two players on opposite sides of the table controlling the rods.

 How Does it Work

The way the human Foosball game works is just as you’d expect when it comes to Foosball. People still kick the ball around and try to get it into the goalie net. The difference between this and soccer is that there are less people in this form of Foosball than Soccer, and also there are people lined up in their positions. After everyone has put in the work that they need to in their area, they can wait and see if the ball is coming back to them so that they are able to kick it back the other direction if they are on defense. If they are lined up where the striker rod would be then the players in this position should be getting ready to try to get the ball into the goal.

How Popular is It

The popularity of the human Foosball game is essentially as popular as you would expect Foosball in general to be. People like and enjoy this form of Foosball since it involves more than just knowing how to spin the rods. This is just a fun spin on the usual sport of Soccer and Foosball. People enjoy it because it also provides more movement as opposed to the usual Foosball table, which can give more of a workout in case they are trying to be more active. The way to find this type of game is by seeing which clubs or Foosball groups are organizing these events. It’s possible that there are some out there even organizing tournaments.

What Equipment to Bring

In the human Foosball game, the only necessary equipment is the usual things you may take to play a match of Soccer. That’s your shin guards just in case to be safe and maybe cleats if you are playing on a grass field. If you are not playing on a field, whatever kind of shoes that are comfortable for you such as running shoes. There is of course the obvious things such as two goal nets and a ball to kick around. This game is a fun outing for a group of people and can turn into a great team builder as well. Although not as common as regular Foosball, this version of Foosball using actual people on a field can be quite fun.

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