Harvard Foosball Table Models Which are Available

Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table

The Harvard Midfielder foosball table is the best in the Harvard manufacturers’ product line. It is a signature table with high-end features. The model’s handles are octagon shaped, includes cup holders, the leg levelers are modifiable, and also includes an ornamented style scoring. Despite being Harvard manufactures’ luxurious table, Midfielder lacks in few tournament features. Most serious players do not consider the table ideal since the players are not counterbalanced, meaning they don’t go back to their initial positions. This design is suitable for professional foosball players as well as amateurs.

Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table

Although not top of the line among Harvard foosball tables, the Black Deca has some decent features. Unlike Midfielder, Black Deca is a low-end product. One of its strongest feature in this table model is that players are counterbalanced. When only two people are using the table, the counterbalance is quite useful as it keeps the player on the two free rods positioned horizontally. Buyers also appreciate its amendable leg levelers since they level the table to suit their needs.

Harvard Rematch Foosball Table

The rematch foosball table is low quality compared to other Harvard foosball table models. Its shiny combination of black and silver give it an edge and masks the low performance. The model’s design makes it suitable for people who are not quite familiar with the rules and strategies of the game. Beginners prefer this model to learn the ropes. The table is also perfect for kids. As a table to play or learn how to play in tournaments, it lacks in most features. The table is also not equipped with leg levelers. This however does not affect stability which is provided by large tapering legs. Counterbalanced players reduce the difficulty levels. It also includes a black and silver score feature.

Harvard NXG Foosball Table

This Harvard foosball table model is inspired by the French which is reflected in its appearance. The feature that makes this table stand out is its diagonal legs which is unique to this model. The size of the NXG foosball model makes it suitable for kids. It cannot be used in tournaments. A high quality feature possessed by this model is the counterbalanced players. Users find this feature attractive as it makes it easier to play and maintain consistency. To ensure users’ have a seamless experience it is fitted with a smooth bearing system on the rods. It also features an abacus score keeping structure. The table is also fitted with a side ball return instead of at the ends as found in most tables. This table is suitable for children and the reasonable prices make it a great choice.

Harvard Goal Getter Foosball Table

The Goal Getter foosball table is distinguishable from other Harvard foosball table models by its wooded appearance. To provide balance the table is features pentagonal legs with amendable ends to increase firmness. A features found in high-end foosball tables available in this model is the counterbalanced players. The model is said to be light and easy to play making it appropriate for beginners. The goal Getter is affordable and great money value considering its price and quality.

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