Interesting Halex Foosball Table Design

One of the reasons many people are interested in purchasing a Halex Foosball Table is that it has a furniture style design since the tables are made from high quality wood. Halex is one of the most reputed brands of foosball tables and these tables were purchased by home owners and businesses for recreational purposes. The brand was owned by Regent Sports earlier, and the company has been sold in the last few years. Despite this many people are still interested in purchasing the Halex brand tables because of their excellent design.


One of the main advantages of buying a Halex Foosball Table is that it is made from wood and looks like a piece of furniture. Many wealthy home owners are interested in purchasing a table which is compatible with the overall decor of their house, and the Halex table with its intricate design looks like another table in the house, with the advantage that it can be used for entertainment. The table is extremely sturdy and can be used for many years without requiring any kind of repairs. Hence the table can be used at home and is also suitable for professional players who require a high quality table for practice.


One of the features of a Halex Foosball Table is that it is made from high quality thick wood. The wood is extremely durable and will last for many years. It is treated to ensure that it is not damaged by insects, fungus or high humidity levels. The thick wood makes the table extremely stable and it will not move even if more force is applied to the table. However, the tables are heavier compared to tables of other brands, so they are not very portable. The wooden legs attached to the four corners of the table are also thicker than the legs used in the other tables. The tables have a veneer finish.


The design of a Halex Foosball Table will vary depending on the model selected, however there are some features which are common to all tables. The playing surface has soccer markings, and is green in color. The steel rods used may be hollow or solid depending on the model selected, yet all of them have ball bearings and a wooden handle for a better grip. The steel rods used are chrome plated for greater durability and to prevent corrosion. The foosball players are counterbalanced type for greater stability and are made from plastic. The goals are designed for easy ball retrieval. The tables have a manual scorer for keeping scores.

Accessories, Assembly and Maintenance

Each Halex Foosball Table is supplied with four foosball balls, since the balls may get damaged or lost while playing. It is usually possible to purchase additional balls online or from other sources. Usually the rods and players are shipped separately to avoid damage in transit, and some assembly may be required before the table can be used. Instructions for assembly of the table can be supplied. It is advisable to clean the surface of the table and the steel rods periodically to remove the dust, grime and dirt which will accumulate. This will ensure that the table is in prime condition for a longer time period.

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