Interested in Finding More Games Like Foosball

If you are in the market for some more table games like Foosball then you are in luck. There are many games out there that you can try out and see if you are interested in it and go for it. Some of those games are Table Tennis, Pool, and Air Hockey. Pool is probably the most different of the bunch because it doesn’t really involve just hitting a ball into the opposite goal but rather all around the table. But these are all games that have a table setting just like Foosball.

Table Tennis Being Like Foosball

So when looking for another game that is kind of like Foosball but a bit more different then there is the game of Table Tennis. Much like Foosball the goal is to get the ball across the opponent’s region. Table Tennis does not necessarily have a goal like Foosball does, but you still have to get past your opponent’s defense. One difference that they also have is that Table Tennis has a net in the middle to separate the play fields whereas Foosball is everything goes, except of course where the rods are placed, which also means the placement of the players on the rods.

Air Hockey One of Those Games Like Foosball

Air Hockey is probably one of the more closest resembling game to Foosball from the ones we have mentioned. It’s almost a mixture of Table Tennis and Foosball. It shares similarities with Foosball in it that you have to get the game objective, in the case of Air Hockey it is a puck, and get it into the goal of your opponent. So pretty similar to how Foosball works. So if you want a game that is the closest to Foosball on a table, this is probably your best bet for that as of now. Air Hockey is very fun and enjoyed by many people especially when at arcades. It tends to be one of those games that draws the most people.

Pool Is Another Option

Another of the popular ones that is kind of the farthest from Foosball but still somewhat similar is Pool. Another name for this game is Billiards. Most people know what this is and tend to go for it when they want to play a game that is on a table. Usually you’ll see this and a Foosball table set up as the two games that people would want to play. Pool plays pretty differently though so if you want something closer to Foosball then maybe choose another option. That being said, the popularity of Pool is undeniable so it will attract a crowd. There are many ways that Pool can still be as similar to Foosball as you need. Basically with its popularity. You’ll still have people who want to play it and it can still be a hit even if it isn’t Foosball. But when seeking for games like Foosball you’ll see that there are plenty of options out there.

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