Learning about the Foosball Table Value

Foosball is one of the supreme games that you’d play in a bar and you can participate in the game either as an individual or two people. You’ll enjoy more when you play this game at home. If you’d like to get the ideal Foosball table for your house or room, there are various options today in the market. Today we have table soccer for any amount of money that you’ll have. In this article we’ll go through some of the best Foosball table value that you’d get for any amount of money that you’d have.

Kick Legend

The kick legend is one of the supreme Foosball tables with top notch appearance. This Foosball table value mostly will mostly depend on its looks. Kick legend is a table soccer that is elegantly stylish and would cost you $599.85. It’s also strong, firm and well balanced table soccer. You’d buy this table if you’re at an entry level.

Eastpoint Ellington

This is a foosball table which is cost friendly and you can buy it for your family. This foosball table value would mainly depend on its elegant appearance and restricted space that it will take on your apartment. If you’re wondering on how you’ll spend a few coins that you have, then go and buy an Eastpoint Ellington foosball table for your family. This table has rods made of stainless steel with cozy handles of black rubber and has a top notch design. You’ll buy this table at $243.95.

Garlando G-500 Weather proof

You can place the Garlando G-500 weatherproof either outside or inside. Why is this foosball table value high? This is a table soccer that you’ll either play competitively or with your family and you can place it either inside or outside your apartment. It has various features that make it unique table soccer such as secure telescoping and smooth rods and its surface has been made of waterproof plywood with laminated heavy duty plastic coating. You’ll buy this table soccer for $1,199.00.

Tornado Sport

The Tornado Sport is the top all rounded foosball table and has been created from Texas. This foosball table value is high because it’s well created weighty and long lasting table soccer and will brave the many years of misuse inflicted by numerous foosball games. If you’re a professional player, the Tornado sport will be the ideal foosball table for you. You’ll fall in love with this table soccer since it has 3 man goalie structure with a renovated player footing outlined for more exact passing and shooting. You’d also have a smooth play using the Tornado sport foosball table. It’ll cost you $1,149.00.

Tornado T-3000

If you’d like to play serious foosball and aiming to become a professional player, Tornado T-3000 is the table soccer for you. This foosball table value is high because it’s more stable, long-lasting and enhanced championship quality. If you’re running a business, you’d incorporate the Tornado T-3000 into your business since it suites well in commercial spaces. However, you can also use it at home. You’d get this foosball table either in non coin or coin run versions. This table soccer would weigh 355 lbs and so will brave frequent hostile foosball play for many years. In this foosball table, expect to hear whistles and bells that are mostly available in the top foosball tables. This foosball table will cost you $2395.00.

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