What is a Fair Foosball Table Price?

Do you want to buy a quality foosball table, but you are not sure about the right foosball table price? There are many factors to take into account, and we revise them all in this article to make your decision easier. See which aspects affect the price of a foosball table.

Size Of The Table Matters

You probably know that a foosball table price depends on the size of the table. Smaller tables have very basic features, and these are the simple versions for playing table soccer. You can only play with a few handles that are usually made of plastic. At the same time, the number of figures is reduced, which means that you can only use two or three rotating bars. The price for these tables starts at $20. If you want bigger tables, you should invest more money.

Quality Of Materials Affects The Price

A foosball table price depends on many factors that are related to the quality of the table. You will find many products on the market, and all of them are made differently. Tables made of plastic are usually low-quality tables that cannot last for a long time. These tables bend and deform very easily, so you cannot use them adequately. Most of these tables are in the $20-$100 price range. If you want to invest more, you can buy a better-quality foosball table made of materials like wood and steel. This also means that you’ll have to invest between $100 and $700 for the right product.

Spare Parts Should Be Available

If you see an affordable foosball table price, you should pay attention to all aspects. Check if the foosball table has spare parts that are available on the market. If you buy some trendy table, you will easily find spare parts, which is a huge advantage. Search for more popular foosball tables that are tested among the users and priced adequately.

Some Features Are More Expensive

Some features like adjustable legs or lightweight rods can hugely affect the foosball table price. Additional features, including a heavy cabinet, definitely make the table more expensive. If you find all of these characteristics in one foosball table, you should be ready to pay around $1000. These tables are quality made and can be used for more than recreational purposes. Many bars, table soccer clubs, and smaller tournaments use this kind of tables.

Paying More Is Not Always Good

You should know that a higher foosball table price does not always mean better quality. Some tables are just a matter of successful marketing that popular brands use to sell more products. When searching for a good foosball table, pay attention to the features, size, and reviews. A price range between $100 and $700 will be quite enough if you want to have a basic and reliable table. In case that you are a more demanding user, go for the tables in the $700-$1500 price range. These tables are well made and have all the features you need in order to play high-quality table soccer. In the end, decide your budget and go for a foosball table price that corresponds to your actual needs and table soccer habits.

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