How to do Foosball Table Maintenance

The life and resale value of a foosball table depends to a large extent on Foosball Table Maintenance. Though it is less complex compared to most other sports equipment, since it does not contain any electrical part, the foosball table requires maintenance so that players can play a normal game on the table. The table should be considered to be like any other piece of furniture in the house, so it should be dusted regularly. The maintenance also depends on the area where the table has been placed, and the pollution levels in the area.

Table Surface

One of the most important aspects of Foosball Table Maintenance is cleaning the table surface. The frequency of cleaning depends on the usage of the table, if it is used regularly or daily, more cleaning will be required, while it can be cleaned less frequently if it is used only once a week. First a clean dry cloth should be used to clean all the dry dirt and dust from the table. Then the a solution contain more than 60% alcohol should be used to remove the dirt and dust which has stuck to the table. Some force will be required to clean the stubborn dirt.

Foosball Players

Another aspect of Foosball Table Maintenance is ensure that the players are in proper condition. These players should be inspected to check if they are fitted properly. In case any players are loose, they should be fitted again. If the players are damaged in any way, have developed cracks, the players may have to be replaced. A clean cloth should be used to wipe all the players. Then a cleaning solution or fluid can be used to remove any grime or dirt which may have accumulated on the body of the players, using a sponge or cloth.

Foosball Ball

Ensuring that the foosball ball is in perfect condition is an important aspect of Foosball-Table Maintenance since it is used extensively. The ball should examined to check whether it is in proper condition, does not have any kind of holes. If the ball is damaged with holes, it should be replaced, and usually spare balls are available. If the ball is discolored due to grime and accumulated dirt, it should also be cleaned by washing it with a cleaning solution so that the dirt is dislodged. The ball should then be dried till all the moisture is removed, so that it can be used for playing.

Rods to Maintain

Since the rods are important for playing, lubricating the rods should be a part of the Foosball Table Maintenance routine. These rods and their bearings are moved frequently and have a lubricant to ensure that they move smoothly. This lubricant is lost over a period of time. Hence it is advisable to replenish the lubricant, which is silicone based regularly. This ensures that the rods move smoothly and do not get stuck at one position while playing. The rods should be lubricated at least once a month. Like other parts they should be also wiped to remove any dirt on its surface.

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