What Foosball Table Game Rules Are There

There are a few Foosball table game rules when it comes to playing the game of Foosball. These are the basic rules that must be observed by players when they want to have a legitimate match with the actual rules of Foosball in play. There are a few that are really important. One of those rules in particular is the rule of no spinning. That goes along with no hitting of the walls of the Foosball table with a rod in an attempt to distract your opponent or move the Foosball with the table.

What No Spinning Means

When we mention that someone cannot spin the Foosball rod, it means that the person cannot spin their rod a full 360 degrees without them doing anything. This is one of those Foosball table game rules that should be taken seriously. Basically you do not want someone to just be randomly spinning their rods in an attempt to just have the ball pass by their spinning rod and hope for something to happen. This is something you’ll see usually people who do not really know how to play Foosball do a lot since they do not understand the rules. Spinning the rods is an amateur move and also plainly against the rules, so avoid doing it.

Slamming the Table Against the Foosball Table Game Rules

There is another big rule that needs to be followed. That rule is when it involves slamming the Foosball table walls with your rods. This would be attempt to move the Foosball ball or distract your opponent while in game. Essentially this move is just very disruptive and can really ruin an otherwise great and fun game of Foosball. Doing this move will really cause things to sour and make people not want to play with you. In an official tournament setting they would never allow you to do this and keep you qualified. This is also just a rude way to play the game.

Other Basic Rules

The other basic Foosball table game rules are some of the basic ones that should always be followed too. One of these deals with the event that the Foosball ball cannot be reached by anyone. What happens here is that the ball is given back to the player who last scored a goal and they have the possession of the Foosball ball now. The other event is what is usually called out of bounds. This is when the ball gets either on top of the edge of the Foosball table or if it gets out of the table in general. Again this will make the person who last scored a goal the one who has possession of the Foosball. The rules of Foosball are pretty simple when you really think about it. These are some of just the most basic rules that should really be known to anyone who is starting to play. In order to determine who goes first is usually settled by a coin toss as well.

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