Who is the Foosball Sports Authority

Foosball, or table soccer, is a table top game and has its origin in North America. It is based on football where the aim is to use the control knobs and score goals against your opposition. The Foosball sports authority is the International-Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) – they are the world organisation representing the game of table soccer. So, why Foosball? It is the American name for the German word for soccer.

Who is the ITSF And What Do They Do

The rules are governed by the foosball sports authority – the ITSF. They were formed with the single point objective of promoting and developing the games of table soccer. They are involved in administering and regulating the game though affiliated national federations. They are responsible for the rules and regulations that may be changed from time to time; including the specifications of a table. The ITSF organises the World Cup that is an annual event. It is the culmination of a worldwide 60-plus tournament ITSF Tour, where the best players compete.

Some More About The Sport

There are figures (the “foos”) mounted on the rotating bars and opponents kick a ball towards the other’s goal. The specification of the table is fixed by the foosball sports authority (ITSF) with the table manufacturers for global tournaments. The table has 8 rows of the foos men who are made from either plastic, metal, wood or carbon fibre that are mounted on horizontal bars. There are 4 rows of the foos men – a row for a goalkeeper, midfield, strikers, and defenders. There may be one or two players from each side. They need to manipulate the rods and score goals on the other side.

Now For Some Tricks Of the Trade

So, you must be wondering how the experts play and what about the world-class players who adorn the global tournaments organised by the foosball sports authority (or, the ITSF). Is the game that difficult? Well, there are some strategies that you need to learn.

The Snake Shot – When a ball is before your player, you need to pull your hand up so that your palm reaches the handle of the rod that has the player with the ball. This gives the shot its speed. When in defence, you need to move your players. Staying at the same place for long will only benefit your opponent. Also, as in regular football, you have to cover the entire field. Do not have holes in the field and provide room for your opponent. Like regular football, isn’t it?

Where Can You Play

Now, another question arises. How can I get introduced to this beautiful game? I am not even aware of the foosball sports authority rules. You need not go further.
Given that it is a fun game, it is very often played in the workplace, schools or clubs. It is also played competitively with evolved rules. Lo and behold. You can also play this in pubs and bars. After you are a bit tipsy. Whether you will be able to play will be discussed another time.

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