How the Foosball Rods Work

Having a Foosball table is fun. When you have one in your home or place of business, there is that one aspect of the table that really sets it apart and shows its nature as a Foosball table. That aspect of course are the Foosball rods. These rods are what players use in order to actually play the game of Foosball. It is critical that a player knows what to do with the rods so that they know how to actually maneuver and move the ball on the play field to where they need to go. These rods are important to learn to use in order to learn to win the game of Foosball.

Spinning the Foosball Rods

When you play Foosball, the trick is to not just spin the rods without a plan. Most people who play Foosball casually will use this technique and it should be fine if you just want to have some fun for the moment. But if you are learning to play seriously, it’s time to stop wildly spinning the rods and actually come up with a plan to turn those rods. One basic technique that can help you get better at controlling the Foosball ball easier is to pass the ball between your Foosball players on the rods or different rods. The trick is to trap and capture the ball underneath the Foosball players’ “feet”. This will make it easy for you to plan out your shot to the goal and make your opponent get on the defensive.

Protecting the Goal

Another aspect of using Foosball rods when it comes to the game, is using the goalie rod correctly. This is the part where you have to defend your goal from your opponent. Like Soccer, the goal is the objective of the game. This is how you get points in Foosball. So the other side of that is to defend your goal and prevent your opponent from scoring into the goal. Using the goalie rod is a technique in itself too because you want to leave them in a position that cannot be easily scored on. When your opponent is coming at you with the Foosball ball, then it is time to get on the defensive and use that goalie rod to try to see where they are going with it. Protect and watch the corners and angles that they can bounce the ball off of.

Maintaining the Rods

One aspect of owning a Foosball table is maintaining them. When it comes to Foosball rods, you want to make sure that the parts that should stay well greased stays that way. After enough use it may start to get hard to use them so it would need some greasing up to get them back to playable condition. It is as simple as just buying the oil to do so which is a basic Foosball supply. Keeping a check on your rods is a key to making sure your Foosball table works well.

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