Foosball Ping Pong Table Fun

Many homes and startups are interested in purchasing a Foosball Ping Pong Table for entertainment, relaxation and exercise. Indoor table games have been popular for centuries, since they can be played throughout the year and are not affected by weather conditions. Ping Pong or Table tennis was played for relaxation and exercise for many decades. In the last few decades Foosball is also becoming increasingly popular worldwide, since it is similar in many ways to football one of the most popular games worldwide. Hence many people would like to purchase a table which combines a Foosball and Ping Pong table.

Advantages of the Table

There are many advantages of purchasing a Foosball Ping Pong Table instead of multiple tables. In most homes and offices, there is only a limited amount of space available. Hence, one of the main advantage of using a combination table is that it will take up less space compared to separate tables for foosball and ping pong. Since the legs and the bottom frame are common for both the tables, the cost of manufacturing the combination table will be less, and the buyer will save money. Additionally having multiple games, gives more flexibility, if the players are bored of playing foosball, they can switch to ping pong and vice versa.

Design of the Table

The design of the Foosball Ping Pong Table may vary depending on whether it is foldable or not. Usually the legs are made from MDF though in some cases metal legs are also available. The body of the table is made from Medium density Fibreboard in most cases. The ping pong table will form the bottom layer of the table. The foosball table will form the top layer of the table. When the players wish to play foosball, they will have to fix the foosball layer on the top, otherwise they can remove it and play ping pong. Each layer will have a surface made from PVC, laminate or similar material, which will have the standard marking for ping pong and foosball.

Ping Pong and Foosball supplies

Before purchasing a Foosball Ping Pong Table, it is highly recommended that the buyer ensures that the seller will supply all the sports equipment required for playing. For foosball, the foosball steel rods, players, balls, goals, scorers should be supplied. Additionally detailed instructions for assembly and tools may also be required. Similarly for ping pong, the ping pong bats, nets and ping pong balls will also be required. Since the balls for ping pong and foosball are likely to get damaged or lost while playing, most of the table sellers, will supply more than three balls of each type with the table.

Assembly and Maintenance

Since the Foosball Ping Pong Table is usually shipped in un-assembled form to reduce shipping costs and prevent damage, one of the major tasks for the buyer of the table is assembling the table. For ping pong, the assembly is simple, since only the net has to be installed. On the other hand, for the foosball the assembly can be fairly complicated since the foosball players have to be fixed on the rods and the rods fixed on the table. Additionally the foosball table has to be fixed properly above the table for ping pong. Usually the initially assembly of the table will take a few hours. The table will also have to be cleaned periodically.

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