Found a Foosball for Sale, now to Buy It?

Before deciding to buy table soccer after seeing a foosball for sale, it’s very essential that you’ll take a short time so that you’d acquaint yourself with favorite characteristics that you’ll be looking for in a new foosball table. Different foosball tables would have various features. Mostly, the price of a foosball table would tell you if you’ll be getting inexpensive or top-notch features and elements. In this article, we’ll go through some basic features that you’d look at before deciding to purchase table soccer. Base your foosball table shopping on the below features.

Foosball Table Structure

When you go shopping, you’ll see a lot of foosball for sale but not all of them would be good for your needs. There are three types of stuff that are used to structure most of table soccer. They include:



Ace board

It’s obvious that you’ll find some of the best and high-quality foosball tables would be made from hardwood whereas low-quality foosball tables will be made from the ace board. Amalgam will be in the middle. However, when you compare amalgam with hardwood, it’d come with some benefits than hardwood. Foosball tables made from hardwood are more often affected by moisture. If you place the table soccer in a moist room, it’ll distort. When it comes with the amalgam, it won’t distort due to humidity and it will last long so long as its thickness is at least 1 inch. Foosball tables made from the ace board are cheap and would break any time.

Foosball Table Surface

It’s very important when you find a foosball for sale, thoroughly check its surface. Always choose table soccer that has a laminated surface than the stick-on models. Also when buying a foosball table, you’d consider the speed of the table surface. Good table soccer will have a smooth and a hard surface because it’d enhance the ball to move quickly such as the Tornado foosball tables.

Goalie Framework

Goalie framework is another thing that you’ll consider if you find a foosball for sale. Most of the foosball tables will have either 1 or 3 man goalie framework. If you’d like a foosball table that’s very swift-paced, then the 3 man goalie framework table will be ideal for you. If you’re a professional in the foosball game, you’ll best suite in the1 man goalie framework table. If you’d like to enhance your skills more and eventually become a skillful player, then 1 man goalie table will be the ideal foosball table for you. You can go for a 3 man goalie table framework for your kids.

Foosball Table Size

Size is another factor you’d consider if you find a foosball for sale. Most of the standard maximum-sized tables will have a width of 30 inches and a length of 56 inches. Remember this width doesn’t involve completely prolonged rods. Always buy a foosball table whose size is 7*8 feet so that you’d have the best of the foosball game.

Foosball Table Levelers

It’s necessary that you’ll go to table soccer that has levelers. If you find a foosball for sale check if it has levelers. You’ll run in different foosball tables with various levelers, however, they’ll function the same basically. As you go shopping for a foosball table, always check if the leveler would fairly maintain the gameplay.

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