World Foosball Championship can Win Prize Money

Many players who have good foosball skills would like to find out if there is any Foosball Championship where they can play and win money. Though many people of all ages are playing foosball, most people are only playing the game as a hobby to entertain themselves. The game is a competitive game and the player who scores more is the winner. Like other games, some players will become very good at the game, if they enjoy playing it and practice enough. Hence they would like to find out if there is any local level, state level, national and international level championship in which they can participate and win prize money.

Championship Rules

The rules for the Foosball Championship will vary from country to country, yet some basic rules will be the same. The championship can be classified into singles, doubles for men and women and mixed doubles. The singles games are usually the most popular championships. These games will be held at the local, state and national level in countries where the game is popular. The winners of the national championship and other top ranked players will get an opportunity to represent the country in the world foosball championship. Usually only the men’s championship is held since more men play the game.

Foosball World Championship

The World Foosball Championship is held three times a year, so that players familiar with the different approved brands have an equal opportunity to win the championship. Unlike other games, the make of the table used makes a difference, and only three major brands are approved for the world championship which is usually held in the European Union countries. These brands are Leonhart, Garlando and Bonzini. The game is popular in Europe, and the winners are also usually from Europe. The doubles championships is less popular and is usually held once in three years.

Tornado World Championship

Tornado is one of the most popular brands of foosball tables, and a world Foosball Championship is held exclusively using Tornado tables. These tables are extremely popular in the United States and are suitable for competition. The championship is held in the country every year, and the winner is usually from the United States, since Americans are familiar with the table design and other features though there have been winners from outside the United States. The national championship for foosball is held annually with Tornado foosball as a sponsor, and the top ranked players get the opportunity to represent the country.

Other Championships and Considerations

The table soccer world cup can be considered to be a kind of Foosball Championship, since it is similar to foosball in many ways. The rules for this world cup are formulated by the international table soccer federation (ITSF) . This world cup is held every year. Compared to most other table games, foosball is fairly complicated and only skilled players can win games regularly. The success of a player depends on the precision and control with which he plays the game. Only the most reputed brands of tables are considered for world level competitions, and even these tables are checked for quality.

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