Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table is Affordable for You

Many people are interested in purchasing a Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table if they require a multi functional table for playing games. Most people will get bored playing one game continuously, so they are interested in purchasing a table which combines multiple games. Both Foosball and air hockey are popular indoor games. Air hockey is a simple game and the player does not have to be very experienced. Only two players are sufficient. In comparison for playing foosball, the players should be skilled, since more practice is required to play the game since the ball is smaller, and there are more players.

Advantages of the Double Table

There are many advantages of purchasing a Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table compared to a standard game table. If a combo table is used, the buyer can choose to play any game he wishes easily, instead of being restricted to only one game.Also most homes, offices, and businesses have limited space available for storing the table, since real estate rates are high. A combo table will take up less place compared to a separate foosball and air hockey table and is the preferred option for people living in apartments, offices, businesses and other places in larger cities. It can also be stored more easily.


A buyer of a Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table should be aware that most of the combo tables available are smaller than the standard tables. The standard tables which are used in tournaments are usually 55 to 57 inches in length, while the combo tables are smaller usually 48.5 inches in length or smaller. The other dimensions, foosball players, rods are also proportionately smaller. There also some smaller tables available with length 21 inches, and these combo tables also have fewer foosball players. However adults may find it difficult to use the smaller combo tables, since there is less space available.


An important factor to be considered while choosing the Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table is the design of the table. In some cases the air hockey cabinet will form the lowest layer and the foosball table will supplied as a separate cabinet which can be fixed on top of the air hockey cabinet whenever required. In other cases, the table will be forming a folding mechanism, and the table for the game which is to be played will be fixed to the top surface. Some of the tables are supplied with fold able legs so that they can be conveniently folded and stored when not in use.


One of the reasons many people prefer to purchase this combo table is because the cost will usually be less than that of a separate air hockey table and foosball table . One of the reasons why it is cheaper than the two standard tables is because the legs are combined in the combo table. The combo tables are also smaller in size compared to a standard table, and since less material is used, they are inexpensive. Most of these combo tables are purchased by parents for their children, who get bored easily and are likely to be used only for a few years. Hence the materials used are inexpensive like MDF, plywood and plastic.

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