A Folding Foosball Table Requires Less Storage Space

Many people are interested in purchasing a Folding Foosball Table because they are having less space in their homes or offices. A folding table, will usually have foldable legs so when the table, is not in use, the table can be folded and stored in the closet, attic or other storage space. Alternately the table can be placed against the wall for support. The folding mechanism for the legs will vary depending on the manufacturer of the table. There mechanism is activated by applying pressure, so the legs can be expanded to provide support to the table, or folded up to reduce the size of the table.


The main advantage of a Folding Foosball Table is that it will take up far less space than a conventional foosball table, especially when it is not being used. In many homes and elsewhere, there is less space due to high real estate rates. So people want a foosball table, which they can fold when not in use and move freely around the house or office. Since the table is foldable, it is also easier to move the table from one place to another. The tables which can be kept against the wall are suitable for those who do not have storage space in their home, and looks like wall decor.


The construction of a Folding Foosball Table is similar to a standard table, except for the legs, which are foldable. This legs are usually made from metal or wood, and use a hinge type mechanism so that they fold when required. In some cases, the leg will fold horizontally and the table can be only stored horizontally when not in use. In other cases, there is a provision to make the table a standalone unit for storage, it can be kept against the wall, because the legs will offer support to the entire unit. These tables are usually more expensively compared to tables which fold horizontally.


Since the legs of a Folding Foosball Table are foldable, it is observed that in some cases, the table may not be very stable, when high power shots are being played. Some of the foldable tables of length 48 inches are slightly smaller than the conventional tables of length 55 inches, so it may be little inconvenient for adults to play the game. Other design features of the folding table are similar to other foosball tables, since they are eight rods with players for both teams, goals, and scorers on top of each goal to record the score for each team. Depending on the brand and model number, there are usually differences in material used

Assembly and Maintenance

Like all other foosball tables, the Folding Foosball-Table will also require some amount of assembly before it can be used, since the players have to be fixed to the rods. Additionally the user may also have to spend time to unfold and set up the table to play a game. After the game is over, some time may be required to fold it up properly. Many of the folding tables are designed for outdoor use, and a cover is also provided. The table should be cleaned regularly, so that dirt and grime does not accumulate on the table. Proper maintenance will increase the life of the table and enhance its resale value in some cases.

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