Get a Fat Cat Foosball Table

Many homes and businesses purchase a Fat Cat Foosball Table if they are playing foosball mainly for entertainment or recreation. The Fat Cat brand of foosball tables is owned by Great Lake Dart Products, which also manufactures a wide range of other product for recreation. The company started by manufacturing dart boards, and later diversified into other recreational sports products, like billiards, board games, home casinos and game tables. In addition to foosball tables, the company also sells table tennis, air hockey, billiards and multi tables. The foosball tables are mainly for home use , they are not used for tournaments.

Types of Tables

Depending on their budget and requirement, a buyer who is interested in purchasing a Fat-Cat Foosball Table can choose from three different types of foosball tables available, the Rebel, Revolicity and Tirade MMXI. The Rebel is the most basic version of the foosball table from Fat Cat.It is grey blue in colour and has realistic life like players. The Revolicity is a colorful foosball table, with high definition graphics on the side wall designed for high speed play. The Tirade MMXI is designed for prolonged use since it has a sturdy construction. It is suitable for fast play, and the players are either black or white.


While there may be some differences in the Fat Cat Foosball-Table depending on the model selected, there are some construction features which are common to all the tables. All the tables are made from wood, though the thickness of the wood may vary from 1/4 inch onward. Each of the table legs are made from a solid piece of wood for greater stability. The table walls are made of wood which is at least half inch thick for greater durability. There are some differences in the dimensions, with the Tirade MMXI table having a height of 34 inches compared to the Rebel and Revolicity tables with a height of 30 inches each.


A Fat-Cat Foosball-Table will have the some of the same design features irrespective of the model selected. The tables have eight rods which are made from steel for greater durability and octagonal handles, so that the players can play the game for a long period of time. The players can be fitted on the rods quickly using the snap on technology, saving a lot of time. These players are counterbalanced for greater stability. The field is made from high quality thermoplastic to prevent warping and has detailed markings. The goals are flush with the sides of the tables. Beaded markers are located at the table ends above the goals for scoring.

Assembly and Maintenance

Any customer who purchases a Fat Cat Foosball Table will be supplied a detailed manual for assembling the foosball table. To reduce shipping costs and prevent damage, the seller will ship the table in un- assembled form and the buyer will have to assemble according to the instructions provided. This mainly involves fixing the screws and washers according to the instructions provided to assemble the foosball table. The tables are designed for indoor use only and no one should sit and stand on the table. The tables should be cleaned periodically to remove the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the tables.

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