What The Expensive Foosball Tables Are

Playing foosball table game doesn’t contain any unified rules, and they are varying in different clubs and countries. The expensive foosball table, however, has high pricing, and others are low meaning all of them are generally affordable. The expensive foosball table is very nice, like one’s car since they are unique foosball tables. Their design is of high attention and care so they can impress one. You should know about these most expensive foosball tables below:

The Beautiful Game at $97,000.

So far is very expensive foosball table currently in the entire world and two companies worked together in helping them. The table is ordered, then its preparation process takes 12 weeks, which is handmade table soccer. It has clean lines which represent modern foosball stadiums architecture. It has 11 numbers representing 11 foosball players for one team. The foosball table happens to be the most expensive one and luxurious, and its production is limited.

Opus Foosball Table at $34,000.

This table has been designed with the inspiration of historical events. It is the symbol of a war which never ends between two different perspective team, i.e. the evil and the good. It has a red and white team that represents evil and good teams, respectively. The Opus foosball team is however limited too in its production being that it is the second among expensive foosball tables in the world. So far, the Opus foosball table that was made is only twenty.

Gold Lux Foosball Table at $28,000.

It is a very unique and expensive foosball table with a great eye-catching and an elegant design which is based on the foosball players who are from lavish gold. The table is also among the top impressive ones and the third expensive in the world currently. Apart from the price, its made of gold and lavish black appearance. You can, however, make a pick of the colour you like if these two are not you like since it can be made using 12 different styles and in around 50 various colours. Its price can, however, be bargained when ordering due to its material used in the making.

Barbie Foosball Table at $25,000.

It is another expensive foosball table specifically meant for women who like playing foosball. The Barbie is however specifically made for its fans apart from women, and it is the fourth among expensive foosball table currently in the world. The players in the game are huge and exceed the normal size of other normal players. However, they can be adjusted into one’s needs, and the game has a barbie pink cover, and it’s very long compared to other foosball table products. So far ten of the Barbie pink foosball tables have been made, and they have their owner already.

Audi Foosball Table at $16,000.

It is the fifth among the expensive foosball table, and its value has limited edition accompanied by the logo. The table is made out of durable plastics, handcrafted wood, aluminium, among some high-end materials. So far 20 units of audi foosball table are made, and they are so exclusive.

Having the expensive foosball table is not too much since when you can afford, then go for it. One needs to experience a luxurious time at some points since life is to be lived and only once.

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