Eastpoint Foosball Table is Good Value for Money

Many families and businesses are interested in purchasing an Eastpoint Foosball Table, since Eastpoint is a very reputed manufacturer of sports equipment. The companies sells a wide range of sporting goods for different brands and games ranging from badminton to football and volleyball. They supply all indoor games like billiard and pool, foosball, table tennis, darts and other parlor games. The foosball tables from Eastpoint Sports are in demand because they offer good value for money. The company is constantly developing innovative new foosball and other products.

Types of Tables

Customers who are planning to purchase a Eastpoint Foosball Table should be aware that Eastpoint is selling a wide range of tables depending on the demand of their customers and budget. While the Preston model is one of the most inexpensive tables, Eastpoint is selling a large variety of other models like Premier Cup, Liverpool, Newcastle, Durango, Essex, Leighton, Durham and Ellington. These models differ in the type of wood which is being used, design of the legs and body, type of places, size of the cabinet, finish, player material, rods which are used. The price of these models is also varying accordingly.


One of the main features of a Eastpoint Foosball Table is the construction. Realizing that a lot of force is applied while playing the game, it is important to ensure that the table remains leveled. Hence many of the table models are supplied with levelers to keep the table leveled, irrespective of the surface where it is placed. Additionally unlike most other foosball tables, a shim pack is also supplied with each table for leveling the table. All the tables have a sturdy construction, and are heavy, so that they do not move or get displaced when high power shots are played. The more expensive tables are made from wood, while cheaper tables use plywood, MDF

Design Features

Though the design of an Eastpoint Foosball Table will vary depending on the model number, some of the features are found in all models. Realizing that moving the rods quickly and easily affects the speed of the game, the rods of each table have player rod bushings which help the players spin and slide the rod smoothly. This is unlikely other tables where the rod is not easily moved. All the tables have robo style players which are counterbalanced and weighted, so that they remain in place after shots are played. The beaded scoring system is located at each end of the board.

Assembly and Maintenance

Any customer who purchases an Eastpoint Foosball Table should be prepared to spend some time assembling the table. Like most other foosball tables purchased online, the seller will send it partly assembled to prevent damage and reduce shipping expenses. Detailed instructions are provided with each table, and some glue may be required while assembling the table. The users should periodically clean the table to remove any dirt and grime that may have accumulated. This will ensure that the table can be used for a longer period of time and also can be resold more easily.

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