Interested in a Custom Foosball Table Playfield?

If you are interested in an exciting way to own your own Foosball table, well something to consider is the custom Foosball table playfield. People will be very impressed that not only do you have your own Foosball table, but it is a custom one! If you want your own company’s logo or brand name, we can do that. If you want a family monogram, we can do that too! The options are limitless to what it is that you want on your Foosball table. There are many reasons to have a custom playfield for your company too.

How a Custom Playfield is Impressive

If you are wondering how exactly does the custom Foosball table playfield being your own equal impressing people. Well, think about it. Not many people have a Foosball table, to begin with, and on top of that now you have one with your own personalized brand or name. This will impress any family members or friends that come over. Another great way to impress people is to have it in your break room in your business. What a great way to build employee and company morale than having a way to blow off some steam with a Foosball table and to top it off, have your own company’s brand on there.

How Is It Done?

The way that your custom Foosball table playfield is installed is quite simple. Instead of putting one of the stock brand ones that we have, we’ll make a playfield that you provide the graphic with. Then we take care of the rest, we install it right at the factory and get it sent over to you. We want to make it easy for you and make sure that you have to do the least work possible.

How is It Beneficial for a Business

Interested in having a custom Foosball table playfield branded so that you can use it in your business? Well just as we said above, this can provide a pretty good morale boost for your employees as they play in the break room. It will give the impression that your company is legit with its own branded Foosball table and that the people in charge are really behind this company and care about image. Another potential bonus is when attracting new employees. Think about when giving the tour of the company, and you show the break room which provides a great way to take a break from all the hard work, this candidate may consider your company seeing as how you value employee well being by providing them with a space to relax.

Consider One

All in all a custom Foosball table playfield is really something to consider. If you’ve been looking to invest in one for either your home or your business, it’s always nice to consider may be going the extra step and making a custom one just for you. This way you can have the benefits of having a Foosball table and your very own cool looking graphic.

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