Commercial Foosball Table and What you Want for Your Business

Foosball or Foos (as it is called among the lovers of this game in N. America) is a game slackly based on football. The commercial foosball table, with its origin back to the 1920s, has gained massive popularity in the United States of America and a lot of European countries like Spain, France and so on. The table-top game where you use knobs to put the ball in the goal has become so popular that various international competitions have been organized the world cup for this game is conducted every year since 2009.

The Sport of Foosball

This sport is based on a table which has figures mounted on rotating bars to move a ball and put into your opponent’s goal. The commercial foosball table is enjoyed mostly in pubs, bars and other places for social gatherings; hence it has no specific game rules when played casually. Every site sets their own standard; however, there are rules made by the ITSF for international competitions.

Table for You

The figures mounted on the rotating bars of the commercial foosball table are called foos men, which are made up of plastic, metals, wood or carbon fiber. The table usually consists of 8 rows in which the first row consists of Team A’s goalkeeper. Then comes the second row which has two foosmen as the defense for Team A’s defense. The third row has three men who have 3 foosmen as attackers of Team B. Moving on, the fourth has 5 foosmen regarded as the midfielders of Team A. Then the fifth row has 5 foosmen as the midfielers of Team B. The sixth row has 2 foosmen for Team B’s defense and finally the eight rows has the goalkeeper for Team B. Generally two teams with one or two players in each control the rotating bars and play the game.

Why Foosball?

As we can see that foosball has gained massive popularity, having one at your place obviously will give your business a substantial boost. The commercial foosball table keeps people happy and attracted. Aside from the player’s people also enjoy just watching the game. Having a foosball table will add to the charisma of your place. It is also confident that the commercial foosball table will also enhance the aura of the site. People don’t want to go to a boring site where they had nothing to do so, the foosball table which is very easy to keep because of the small area it can fit into is guaranteed to bring more people to you. Nowadays, people have foosball even at their workplaces so that they can keep their employees entertained.

Want One, Get One

Many brands make the commercial foosball table. Bonzini, Roberto Sport, Garlando, Tornado, and Leonhart are some brands that have been used at ITSF World Championship. The industrial foosball tables varies in size.. However, people have even had more customized tables as per their choice.

So, if you are looking for entertainment or adding something to grow your business, a commercial foosball table is what you want.

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