The Coin Operated Foosball Table and You

Are you the person that likes being productive, and who would not appreciate couching themselves to the sofa, being stuck behind the monitor screen hours on end? Well, this article has an insight as to what could be done by avoiding the latter with the coin operated foosball table. Because if you are a big fan of winning and if you are competitive and enjoy taking a lead every now and then, then this is the right place for you to be right now.

Tidbits To Foosball

Coin operated foosball table which is the most played game after football on foot and cricket is a football that is table-bound. A quick insight for all the foosball lovers; foosball can be traced back to 1921 UK where it was invented by Harold Searles who was keen enough to build a football table after popularity and fame hit football in the region of Europe. Whereas, sources claim that there was another creator to the game as well. He was reported to be a French man, Lucien Rosengart. Rosengart invented the table because his grandchildren used to get really bored on chilly winter evenings. Therefore, he built the foosball table to keep them engaged indoors. Wow, what a loving grandpa right!?

Foosball Delicacies

Foosball is a game that consists of 4 gaming members, all four divided into two pairs. Both pairs play as opponents to each other, standing on the opposite side of the table. The foosball table constitutes of players made of plastic or wood usually that are housed on the table. Basically, there are eight rows of men, four for each team on the coin-operated foosball table. There are rods that surpass the plastic figures for the actual players to hold and control the foosball with. While playing foosball, be keen to move the rods fast and swiftly to score a goal before your opponents do.

Coin-operated foosball table are actually more reliable and work long-term because of the advanced coin-based technology that is installed in them. Now you do not have to worry about waiting for turns on end and asking the guy behind the counter to get you the foosball. Simply operate the table and your ball by sliding in a coin, every time you want to compete.

More so, if you own a gaming center and are interested in making an extra profit with the foosball customers, it is better to purchase a coin-operated foosball table for your place now.

Foosball Regulations-ITSF

According to the organization of ITSF, there are a few set rules to the coin-operated foosball table which starts with the table to not be moved or lifted under any given circumstances. Furthermore, the rod through which the players are controlling the foosball is not to be rotated a complete of 360-degree axis. In addition to that, there is a time limit of fifteen seconds for the man with the third rod, ten seconds for the man with the fifth rod and consequently penalty for outrunning the ball for more than the given time.

Moreover, distraction is also considered as a form of rule in the coin-operated foosball table in accordance with the rules defined by the ITSF. Distraction in table soccer includes jumping, waving at the team players, talking unnecessarily with any of the people playing the game. In case of causing any distraction, there are two forms of penalty for the payers. The first one is the possession of the five-man rod and the second involves the possession of the third-man rod consequently.

Foosball As A Career?

Many players end up making careers out of foosball, maybe practicing at coin operated foosball table will work for you!

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