Tips to Buy Foosball Table

When you want to buy foosball table, there are various tips you should consider before you purchase the foosball table that you want. Several foosball tables have got different features which vary a little bit, but it is good you know the specific features of your foosball table game before purchasing it. Below are some important things to consider when you buy foosball table game:

Foosball Table Space And Size

The standard foosball table is almost 56-inches in length, the width of 30 inches, and height of 36-inches which excludes protruding rods from the tables’ sides. When your home space is tighter and narrower, then it is a good idea to buy foosball table that is included with the fully extended rods. You should ensure there is clearance space left to enable players to move flexibly around when they play.

Goalie Configuration

Goalie configuration is among the excellent outstanding aspects, and you should compare the foosball table to see how many they have. When you buy foosball table, you will notice some tables have 3-man goalies feature while others have 1-man goalies feature. The table with 3-man goalies consists of two sides where the defendant is mounted onto any of the main goalie sides. If you want to select between 1-man and 3-man goalie, you must always select in terms of the ideal table you want.


When you buy foosball table, then ensure that its minimum warranty period is one year. Those foosball tables which mimic the furniture styling design always have small warranty since their main aim is to be a more decorative gear.

Counter-weighted Men

When you want to get a foosball table which is for professionals, then purchase the setup with counterweighted men. The feature is essential since men will be staying at the flat area so that when released, they ensure they are not affecting the player’s way when the shot is being taken. The counterweighted men will make you enjoy more with their rods.

The Playing Rods

When deciding on which foosball table to select, always find the one with steel playing rods. You can also consider hollow steel rods which help in speeding up the game when you play all these due to the lightweight design they have. Most of the high-end tables always have hollow steel rods while the mid-level table games do have solid steel rods.

Table Construction

When you want to buy foosball table, remember that it varies very greatly in terms of construction materials. Most of the known and used materials during construction include composite, solid wood, and particle board. Many high-quality foosball tables always contain solid wood components, and the low-quality ones have the particleboard components. Despite there being a fall of composite in between particleboard and solid wood category, they are still advantageous.

It is always good to have to consider the above tips before you buy foosball table games so that you are sure of the table you are buying if it is what you want. Having to buy foosball table games without really considering the above facts can make you end up making a bad decision.

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