The Brunswick Foosball Table You May Want

One of the reasons why many buyers prefer to purchase a Brunswick Foosball Table is because the company is a very reputed manufacturer of table sport equipment and other products. The company Brunswick Billiards was established in the year 1845 by John Moses Brunswick, who had immigrated to the United States, and has developed a reputation for building high quality billiards, foosball, table tennis, air hockey and other game tables for over 170 years. The high quality raw materials, excellent design and manufacturing methods, ensure that the foosball tables will last for many years and have resale value.

Types of Tables

Depending on their budget and requirement, a buyer can choose a Brunswick Foosball-Table from the different models available. The Kicker model is the most inexpensive model with a list price of $850 and is the basic foosball table available. The Euroscorer and Premier models are the medium priced models from Brunswick and the Premier model has more provisions for adjustment according to the convenience of the players. The Merrimax and Brixton models are the top end foosball tables costing $2250 each. These tables are made from rough hewn wood and have an antique finish, so they are also suitable for decor.


Many buyers prefer a Brunswick foosball table because of its rugged construction. Brunswick has used the best manufacturing practices for its billiard tables and is using the same manufacturing techniques for its foosball tables also. The foosball tables are designed to last a lifetime. All the wood used is of high quality, kiln dried to reduce the moisture level to between 6 and 8 percent. The wood is then given a furniture finish. The tables have dovetail joints for better support. The rails are made from solid hardwood. Hardware used is of the highest quality. Levelers are provided for some models


There are some variations in the features and design of a Brunswick Foosball Table depending on the model selected, yet there are some features which are common to all, All the models have dual side ball returns to keep the ball in play, so that the game remains fast. They also have cup holders which can be attached if required, so that drinks are not spilled on the surface of the table. The kicker table has a three man goalie, while the Euro scorer table has a single man goalie. Each table has a manual scorer on each side just above the goal. The steel rods used are chrome plated and designed to withstand bending.

Accessories and Ordering

Each Brunswick Foosball Table is supplied with four balls for playing and additional balls can be ordered. Brunswick is mainly focusing on selling its billiards tables, and online sales are not a major source of revenues. The charges for shipping for the online orders are $200, and it will include delivery to the door of the shipping address. The shipping charges do not include installation, debris removal or assembly. Hence it is advisable to find a Brunswick dealer in the area, and place an order with him, to save on shipping costs. The table should be kept clean to make it last longer.

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