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We’ve provided a complete guide of every foosball table model they make. Quality. Performance. Value.

Bravatto offers premium quality foosball tables at much more affordable prices than are currently available with other professional foosball tour model tables.  They include the superior performance that you would expect from a top brand name foosball table, plus a few extra bells and whistles, not to mention a fantastic looking new design.

Bravatto Foosball Table Comparisons

Overall, the Bravatto foosball tables compare favorably to the Tornado brand.  They include quality construction are extremely well built and will last for many, many years.  Their game-play performance is superior to all foosball tables currently on the market.  We will explain how in just a bit.  When it comes to value, no other foosball table manufacturer gives you the so much bang for your buck.  Basically, you’re getting the best constructed, best playing foosball table on the planet at a cost that is substantially lower than other top foosball table brands.  Why pay $2,000 for the second best foosball table in the world when you can have the best foosball table in the world for so much less.

Before we go into the various Bravatto foosball table models, let me tell you about some of the unique foosball table features and playing characteristics of these premium quality foosball tables.

Unique Foosball Table Features

  • Unique table design:  One of the most exciting features about the Bravatto foosball tables is their fantastic new design.  One of the first things you’ll notice is that the foosball table legs are off-set from the corners of the table cabinet.  This provides increased stability for the entire table.  It also gives the table a really cool, modern look that won’t be found anywhere else.  Of course, the sleek looking round legs each also include cup holders so that everyone at the table can cool down after a heated match!
  • Modern stadium view top:  The next thing you will immediately notice on the Bravatto foosball table is the modern stadium view top that goes around the perimeter of the top of the table.  This feature makes the foosball table really stand out, especially with its highlighted accent color.  We’ve also included a mesh-net looking goal to give the foosball tabel a more authentic soccer table look.  It helps to make the goal a focal point for both players and the audience.
  • Rock solid table cabinet construction:  There are very few foosball tables that are known for their stability and solid construction.  Bravatto is definitely right at the top, along with the Tornado brand.  This is because we use top quality materials on every part of the table.  The construction of the foosball table cabinet is very important.  It provides the base for the entire foosball table.  Lesser manufactured foosball tables can be very unstable and wobble when players get into heated competition.  Many tables are so light (under 150 lbs.) that they just won’t stay still when playing, they are constantly moving all over the floor.
  • Easy to assemble:  One of the most important features of the Bravatto foosball table is that it is REALLY easy to assemble.  All tables come with a completely assembled top cabinet.  This means you don’t waste hours figuring out how to attach all of the cabinet walls and playfield.  The first step in assembly is to attach the four leg brackets and bottom side panels.  This is done by simply installing a few bolts.  Next, you attach the four legs to the corner leg brackets in the same way and you are practically done.  Finally, attach rod, men, bumpers and handles.  This is really easy since the foosball rods already have the men, bumpers and handles attached to them.  All you have to do is simply slide the rods into the cabinet rod holes and insert one roll pin for one of the men.  Now all that is needed is to level the table by using the adjustable leg levelers.  That’s it, you’re ready to start playing!
  • Superior ball control:  The Bravatto foosball men are designed in such a way to maximize the ability of the foosball man to grab and grip the foosball during all types of play.  This provides players with excellent ball control, allowing them to manipulate the ball during passing and while shooting all of the standard types of foosball shots, along with playing a variety of unique styles as do foosball players from around the world.  In addition to the uniquely designed foosball man, the Bravatto foosball table also includes the highest quality urethane foosball to ensure maximum fun and excitement.  No more slippery balls that randomly fly around the foosball table.  Players now have complete control of their game enabling them to improve greatly over time.
  • Additional features:  A few of the other unique features of the Bravatto foosball tables include built-in leg levelers, built-in bubble levels, modern looking score keepers, beautiful playfield graphics and cabinet emblems.

Bravatto Foosball Table Models

Here is a comparison chart of the Bravatto foosball table lineup!


Bravatto Home Edition

Bravatto Tour Edition

Bravatto Coin-op

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